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Stationery and Cards (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7179 #UX1, WEST STOCKBRIDGE, MASS., AUG 13 postmark, bearing a VF strike of a left-pointing hand killer (Whitfield 562, but more definitive, clearly showing that it is more elongated and with a hollow circle in the center).  An extremely scarce and desirable fancy cancel. $225
7149 #UX3, canceled by a F-VF strike of "OK" in circle (Cole OK-16) killer with fair NOV 3 (1874) BELOIT, WI postmark, Crim and Starkweather Bankers printed receipt card on reverse. $45
7150 #UX3, bearing a superb strike of large solid Maltese cross killer (Cole CSM-11), NEW YORK P.O., MAR 12 (1875) postmark, central spindle hole and sealed spindle hole at top edge of killer. Still, quite an impactful killer. $25
7000 #UX3, F-VF, canceled by a VF strike of blue negative left-pointing hand killer (Cole HF-20) and PITTSBURGH, PA, APR 28 (1874) postmark, a very scarce and desirable fancy cancel on postal card. SOLD
6960 #UX3, fine, bearing a superb strike of ST. LOUIS, MO shield killer (Cole SH-77), light NOV 6 (1873) postmark. A scarce and terrific example of one of the fancy St. Louis shield cancels. $100


7119 #U10 on buff, VF, neatly opened at left, canceled by an XF strike of a large 5-ring target simplex killer with RIPON, Wis., MAR 4, 1861 postmark, to Hastings, MN. Very unusual killer variety for this period and quite eye catching. $30
7073 #U10, intact entire, fine, canceled by a VF strike of RAPID ANN STATION, VA, AUG 26 postmark (DPO, Culpeper County, 1854-86), an apparent early use from this post office $20


7015 #U3, fine unreduced entire missing back flap, manuscript cancel with GRAND COTEAU, La. postmark (Saint Landry County, 1832-), Dec 29 manuscript date. Envelope is die 2, type 1, head 1, watermark 1, size 3 knife 2 L/R. Scott catalog $100, scarce. SOLD
7012 #U74, XF and fresh intact entire canceled by an XF strike of blue negative letter H killer with matching GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., JAN 8 postmark, a drop rate cover posted locally. A gorgeous used entire. $40
7199 #UX5, fine, postmarked RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y., APR 19 (1877) with VF negative "EAH" killer (Cole ML-26) representing the initials of postmaster Eugene A. Hines. Scarce. $30


7100 #UX7, VF, bearing an XF strike of scarce BOSTON, MA vertical 4-bar ellipse killer (Blake & Davis 2079, numeral 5) with OCT 14, 1883 postmark (Blake & Davis 2038, year date outside postmark). Great example of this scarce style ellipse. $30








Six UX5/7 cards, all VF (7210 corner bend), each canceled by an XF strike of a different Boston, MA negative numeral or letter killer. The lot price is $40.  Any individual card is available for $10. $40

6954 #UX5, VF, canceled by an XF strike of WORCESTER, MASS, FEB 17 (1881) postmark with Masonic triangle in grid fancy killer(Cole GET-32, unattributed).  Likely Masonic design. $65
6955 #UX5, fine, canceled by an XF strike of negative letters US in octagon patriotic fancy killer (Cole US-111) with HANNIBAL, MO, OCT 29 (1880) postmark. Scarce killer design. SOLD
6866 #UX6, F-VF Universal Postal Union mailing card, to London, England, postmarked MARIETTA, O with an XF strike of a split letter Z killer, a difficult letter cancellation to find. $15
6825 #UX5, fine, bearing a superb strike of purple DLDC VERNON, JENNINGS CO., IND., SEP 2, 1879 county name postmark (Doane-Thompson 1235). Indicia canceled by matching purple 4-ring target killer. $25
6827 #UX9, VF, light SANDUSKY & SPRINGFIELD R.P.O., AUG 10 postmark with XF strike of blue DAYTON & MICH. R.R., KIRKWOOD, O., AUG 12, 1893 station agent receiver on front, card to Shelby County, Kirkwood, Ohio. Neat. $40


6724 #U159, fine intact entire, postmarked Belfast, ME, APR 7 to Boston, received back stamp APR 8. Dated ADV. IN BOSTON, MASS. APR 15 postmark (scarce) and UNCLAIMED in circle, with blue letter G applied by DLO (corresponding to the first letter of the addressee's last, last name, Green). BOSTON, MASS., MAY 20 back stamp, probable DLO marking.  A very nice example of Advertised mail. $40
6677 #U163, fine intact 3 entire, ink smudges canceled BOSTON, MASS., APR 16 with an XF strike of very scarce "gingerbread man" fancy killer (Blake & Davis 1426, Cole JO-176). A very presentable example of this. $45
6536 #U9, fine, neatly opened at right, bearing a VF-XF strike of CINCINNATI, OHIO, JUL 25 postmark, all letters distinctly showing as hollowed outlines. Scarce. Matt Liebson, a noted student of Cincinnati PH who examined this cover, calls this a strike/wear variation of a common postmark.  Given the completeness of the outlining of all letters, especially in the letter serifs, I believe otherwise, that this is a separate and different postmark where letter outlining was intentional. $35



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