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Stationery (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8213 #U76, XF intact unsealed circular entire bearing two partial inverted simplex strikes of extremely scarce Chicago "GIN Barrel" fancy killer (Berg GB).  One 70% strike shows the "IN" of "GIN" with the "G" disappearing into the blue ink of the Franklin indicia. This is the first example of this killer that I have ever encountered on a circular.  Neat item. $95

8260 #U282, VF intact manila 2 entire, BOSTON, MASS. AUG 2 1887 postmark, with very scarce early multicolor advertising (3 colors: red, gold, green) for HECKER'S WHEAT GRANULES cereal. Very attractive. $75


7789 #U2, F-VF intact entire on buff with Nesbitt crest on back flap, Scott design type U1, with LAURENS C.H., S.C. postmark (Laurens County 1794-) to Newbury C.H., S.C. Minor edge fault at top, flap tears not affecting the crest. $20
7786 #U3, XF, small, intact entire on white, Scott type U2 design, canceled by a superb strike of NEW YORK SEP 29 postmark, to Cooperstown, NY. Back flap torn but complete. Scarce entire, a gem. SOLD
7801 #U4, fine 3 Washington entire on buff, intact and bearing the G.F. Nesbitt crest on reverse flap, postmarked MARION, Ala., MAY 3 (Perry County 1822-) to Marion addressee. Scarce. SOLD
7787 #U6, fine intact entire, Scott design type U3, canceled by YAZOO CITY, MI. SEP 26 postmark (Yazoo County 1839-) to Lake Providence, LA. Very scarce entire, tiny fault at upper right edge. $75
7073 #U10, intact entire, fine, canceled by a VF strike of RAPID ANN STATION, VA, AUG 26 postmark (DPO, Culpeper County, 1854-86), an apparent early use from this post office $20


7686 #W120, VF wrapper, canceled by a VF strike of triple bar roller killer, almost certainly certainly one of the New York circular mail (NYCM) killers. Sent to Pittstown, New Jersey. $10
7383 #U367, XF intact 2 red entire, canceled PORTAGE CREEK, PA., MAY 15, 1901 with superb strike of unlisted 4 leaf clover/shamrock, mailed to FNB of Williamsport, PA, MAY 16 Williamsport machine RECEIVED 1 in oval on back. $30
7320 #U163 entire, VF+ purple FORT FRED STEELE, WYO., JUN 9, 1881 postmark (Wyoming Territory (DPO, Carbon County, 1868-1967) and duplexed target killer. Scarce fort. $25
7348 #U163 entire, fine, bearing a VF+ strike of negative letters "EAH" (Cole ML-26) representing the initials of postmaster Eugene A. Hines, postmarked RIDGEFIELD SPRINGS, AUG 22. Opened at right, small edge tears, part flap missing. $25


7255 #U82 entire, fine 3 entire, small reduction at right, canceled by a VF-XF strike of 1871 in circular block year-date killer and MARSEILLES, ILL., 23 DEC postmark. Killer is Whitfield 4782 fancy cancel. SOLD
7245 #U82, unreduced 3 Reay entire, canceled by a VF strike of 1872 year date in circle killer (Cole YD-19), NASHOTAH, WIS, DEC 19 postmark. Small portion of back flap missing, tiny repair at top by postmark. $50
7246 #U82, VF intact 3 Reay entire, canceled by a VF-XF strike of an unlisted 6-bar, 3 star scalloped shield fancy patriotic killer, similar to Whitfield 1320 but with thicker bars and defined stars. Attractive. $45
7239 #U281, VF intact entire, canceled by a VF-XF strike of outline heart fancy killer (Whitfield 1860), postmarked ANNAPOLIS, MD, NOV 28, 1887. SOLD
7012 #U74, XF and fresh intact entire canceled by an XF strike of blue negative letter H killer with matching GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., JAN 8 postmark, a drop rate cover posted locally. A gorgeous used entire. $40

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