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Stampless Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
6919 Stampless envelope, VF,bearing a superb strike of COLERAIN, O [Ohio], 8hMo/19 Quaker dated postmark and sans serif FREE with J. [Joshua] Maule, PM signature, to Jacob Maule, c/o Susan Hansworth, Philadelphia, PA.  Tiny envelope reduction at right just touching the address.  Scarce. SOLD
6976 SFL, fine, 12 cent manuscript rating, VF red New York STEAM BOAT (42mm x 4 mm), to Providence, R.I., commercial letter. $15
6974 Stampless envelope, fine and intact, manuscript BRISTOL, ME, JAN 15 (1852) postmark, endorsed Henry Chamberlain, Postmaster, Free. Contains a beautifully penned personal letter to his cousin about his father's death (at age 86!), a violation of the free frank privilege. $20
6911 SFL, red St. LOUIS, Mo., JAN 4 (1849) postmark, commercial letter to Warsaw, IL., manuscript "Mail 3" and 5 rate mark.  ASCC (1985) $25. $10


6904 Stampless envelope, VF and intact, bearing a superb strike of PLEASANT GROVE, Md., ALLEGANY CO, MAR 16 (1853) postmark, manuscript "Free E. S. Zevely P.M." at upper right, letter addressed to Zevely's sister, Sophia in Salem, NC.  The letter proposes exchange of family daguerreotype images.  An exceptional example of this very scarce county-name Pleasant Grove postmark of Zevely manufacture and great exhibit item. SOLD
6810 Stampless envelope, fine, intact, small faults, bearing a VF strike of MALONE, NY, SEP 25 postmark with internal PAID 3. Manuscript Paid 3cts and pencil No. 80 (a probable New York City box number where received). $30


6850 SFL, fine, red NEW HAVEN, Ct., DEC 18 (1813) oval postmark (ornaments at bottom), red "REE" (broken F), sent to postmaster, Meredith, NY. Contains poetic ode to a child who had died at age 3. Interesting content. $30
6837 SFL, F-VF+, intact family letter datelined JAN 7, 1838 to St. Claire, Michigan, bearing a VF strike of green TIFFIN, O (Ohio, Seneca County, 1825-), JAN 15 postmark, manuscript rated 5 unpaid. $15
6841 FLS, bearing a fine strike of fancy scrolled oval DERBY, CT, JUNE 18 (1849) postmark with matching PAID in scroll, rate 5 in manuscript. Cover has a 2 inch diagonal tear across the top left front.  Scarce postmark. $15


6816 FLS, F-VF, no content, bearing a VF strike of red BALTE., MD., FEB 20 (1828, high E and D) postmark, to Philadelphia, rated 12 1/2 cent unpaid in manuscript. Letter sheet has half inch tear at top, vertical file fold. $15


6693 Stampless envelope, VF and intact with original letter enclosed, VF GLENN, NEW YORK, JUL 22 (1854) postmark with VF and unusual vertical PAID attached 3 rate mark (Whitfield 6789). Neat. $50
6648 FLS bearing a fine strike of HAMPTON, CT, AUG 29 (1854) ornate and generally rectangular postmark struck in green with unusual matching PAID 3 in octagon, catalogs $150 in the 1985 edition of the ASCC. Quite a scarce Connecticut postmark. SOLD
6559 Stampless, NORTH AMHERST, MASS, 5 APR double circle postmark (DPO Hampshire County, 1834-1971), with fine,scarce large PAID 3 Cts in circle rate mark, on fine unreduced cover, small part back flap missing. $35
6502 Stampless cover, intact and VF, bearing an XF strike of scarce ELKTON, MD, MAR 26, attached rate PAID 3 postmark. Light Wilmington, DE, back stamp. A very attractive cover. $125

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