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Stampless Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8012 SFL bearing an XF strike of very scarce red SHAWNEETOWN., ILL., MAR 24 (1831) double oval postmark, a double weight (manuscript 20) cover to the clerk of the Circuit Court of White County, Illinois. Old Shawneetown is located in southeastern Gallatin County.  (Shawneetown moved to its current location after extensive flooding in 1937.)  It is one of the earliest settlements in Illinois, serving as an important U.S. government administrative center for the Northwest Territory.  Shawneetown and Washington, D.C., share the distinction of being the only towns chartered by the United States government.  Letter sheet has some inking on reverse and is missing one of its pages. $125


7925 SFL, intact prices current general commission merchant printed circular dated NOV 25, 1858, bearing 2 VF-XF strikes (front and back) of blue rimless, dateless NORFOLK, VA [high A] circular mail postmark. Scarce. SOLD
7910 SFL, a VF printed attorney's notice of protest for non-payment of a promissory note dated JUN 27, 1854, bearing an XF strike of NEW YORK / 2 (17mm high) circular mail dateless postmark. Eye catching item. $35
7907 SFL, VF, no content, with VF YORK [District of Maine], OCT 11 (1810) straight line postmark, manuscript 10 rate, and 2 strikes of PAID, sent to Mr. John Hancock, Merchant, Boston (not the famous patriot). Scarce postmark. $75
7854 SFL, fine, bearing an XF-superb strike of blue straight line M'CUTCHENVILLE O postmark (Ohio, Wyandot County, 1833-), blue manuscript Feb 20 (1846) date and 5 rate, file fold through address. Very scarce (1985 ASCC $250). SOLD
7866 SFL, VF, VF-XF strike of SCHUYLERVILLE N.Y./ JUNE 20 1842 2-line straight line postmark (Saratoga County 1820-), manuscript "12 " rating, to Delta, Oneida, NY. Unusual postmark style. Letter regards the collection of a note. SOLD
7867 SFL, VF, fresh, no content, bearing a VF-XF strike of straight line SILOAM N.Y. JUNE 28 (1844) postmark (DPO Madison County, New York, 1825-1907), small italic PAID, manuscript 12 , to Albany, ex. Cal Hahn (his notes). $65
7821 SFL, no content, bearing a superb strike of EASTON.PA. JUNE 28 (c.a. 1830) straight line postmark and PAID, rated 10 cents in manuscript, to Gen. Thos. J. Rogers, Philadelphia. Rogers, a Member of Congress 1818-24, served as brigadier general in the State militia and as an officer in the United States Revenue Customs at the port of Philadelphia.  Cover shows some erosion in the ink address.  Valued at $350 in the 1985 ASCC. $200
7798 SFL, VF, red/brown ESPERANCE (NY) arc type postmark and manuscript Paid 6.  This is an 1839 letter (see scan) to the Superior Court in Albany about a legal case of "trespass" in which Ruben Holton charges Charles Patterson with debauching his daughter and making her pregnant so as to deprive Holton of her services and causing him to incur medical bills of $100.  Cover is ex-Hahn with his notes that this is the listing example without the hand stamped date and not in the ASCC listings.  Valued at $75 in the 1985 ASCC.  A terrific combination of scarce postmark with interesting content. $75
7781 SFL, VF, bearing a VF strike of red oval FACTORYVILLE, N.Y., MAR 27 (1842) postmark (DPO Tioga Cty 1822-90) and FREE hand stamp, with manuscript "free A. Yates PM", to Butternuts, NY. Attorney's letter regarding the death of addressee's father and the dim prospects of collecting on debts owed the recently deceased.  Valued at $40 in the 1985 ASCC. $40
7782 SFL, VF, no content, bearing a VF strike of scarce arc type CANANDAIGUA, AUG. postmark, manuscript 25 cent unpaid rate mark, to Plymouth, Conn. Valued at $50 in the 1985 ASCC. $45
7775 SFL, XF and fresh with XF-superb strike of very scarce EASTON, PA SEP 22 straight line postmark and manuscript 12 cent rate mark, 1830 cover to Bethany, PA, commercial letter. Terrific early Pennsylvania postmark with 1985 ASCC $350 catalog value. $250
7776 SFL, VF-XF, with superb ALLENTOWN, Pa. (fancy script "Pa"), AUG 17 postmark ("7" corrected to "8") and VF "PAID" and "5" rate mark. Letter from a teacher seeking a job. Very attractive item. SOLD
7731 SFL, VF, bearing an XF strike of scarce fancy WILKINS, PA (raised A) curved octagon postmark, manuscript JAN 29 (1848) date and "5" (cent) unpaid rate mark, personal letter to Upper St. Clair Township, PA. ASCC 1985 valuation: $250. $225


7724 FLS, VF, no content, bearing a VF+ strike of red SCOTT'S-FERRY, Va, OCT 17 postmark (DPO Albemarle County 1814-50, Helbock 4 rated), to Sumterville, SC (DPO Sumter County 1801-55), "25" cent manuscript unpaid rate, "Via Richmond". Letter sheet with central vertical file fold. Inside is written "Excused juror". Prior owner notes this to be an 1833 usage. $30
7694 Stampless envelope, F-VF, intact, bearing a bold strike of very large red numeral 5 rate mark with matching unusual vertical oval OCT 28 (1851) BOSCAWEN, NH postmark. Original letter datelined West Boscawen in which the sender discusses the timeliness of West Boscawen mail that must go through Boscawen, seven miles away. $85
7666 SFL, VF, with red MADISON & INDNPLS R.R., APR 6 (1850) postmark (Towle 654-B-2, Remele M2-a, 33mm) and numeral 5 rate mark, file fold through postmark, sent from cashier of Madison Branch of the State Bank of Indiana to the cashier in Indianapolis.  Most known examples of this scarce Madison & Indianapolis Rail Road postmark are from this correspondence. SOLD
7587 SFL, VF and intact, with VF+ ST AUGUSTINE, E. FLO, MAR 22 (1832) postmark, manuscript 25 cents upaid to Waterville, NY. A scarce Florida Territory marking (ASCC 1985 $200). Letter about returning remains of deceased and settling his estate. Cover has vertical file folds at right and far left not affecting markings. $150


7504 SFL, VF, no content, bearing VF-XF strike of large green NEWPORT, RHODE-ISLAND, JAN 23 oval postmark with matching old English style "Paid" and manuscript 6 rating, sent to Providence. Scarce and attractive. SOLD
7445 SFL, F-VF, bearing a VF-XF strike of red oval BURLINGTON, VERMONT, JUN 6 (1831) postmark, manuscript 18 unpaid rate mark. $20
7523 Stampless envelope, intact, bearing a VF strike of red ROCHESTER, N-Y, SEP 26 internal 5 rate postmark, ca. 1850, contains undated family letter. $10
7260 SFL, VF and fresh, XF PROVIDENCE, RI, OCT 17 (1851) postmark with superb strike of numeral 1 representing the 1 local drop rate, addressed "Present". Moderate vertical file fold through the postmark and a pencil sketch of measurements, possibly non-contemporary, inside. Scare rate, very attractive. SOLD
7268 Printed FLS, VF bearing a VF-XF strike of WISCASSET., MAINE., AUG 10 (1832) postmark with attached 10 cent rate. Letter sheet is a printed summons from the Lincoln county clerk to constables of the town of Thomaston for selection of one grand juror and one traverse juror participant (content scan). $75



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