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Railroad, R.P.O., Related (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8009 #114, F-VF on XF two-sided advertising cover, MACON, GA, JAN 27 postmark. Corner advertises National Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Cover back displays extensive text advertisement for Western & Atlantic Railway, including a picture of a "Bee" ("[Be] sure your tickets read via Western & Atlantic Railway!").  A beautiful advertising cover (small unobtrusive boxed "H C Bauer" former owner hand stamp on front.) $75

8044 #184, 2 fine copies tied by two strikes of fancy star-in-crescent fraternal symbol killer with rimless N.Y. & PITTS. R.P.O., MAR 30 railroad postmark (Towle & Meyer 203-I-5, 1880 docketing) on intact cover to Philadelphia. Scarce and unusual railroad fancy cancel. $40
7963 #147, average sound pair, tied by VF-XF blue CHICAGO & DUN. [Dunleath] R.P.O., JUN 5 postmark (Towle & Meyer 690-D-2) with matching blue shield fancy killer (Berg SHD-1) on intact cover to Montreal, Canada, back stamped, docketed 1871. $75
7926 #158, fine, tied by an XF strike of a large "OK" fancy killer on cover with a lightly struck, unlisted ca.1875 MANCHESTER GREEN AGT., NOV 29 RPO postmark on unreduced cover to New Jersey, small edge faults and minor toning at left. There was a Manchester Green post office (Connecticut DPO, 1886-1943).  "OK" killers on railway covers are rather scarce. $35
7914 #E2, F+, sound, tied on intact U313 Plimpton entire by DECORAH & C. RAPIDS R.P.O., OCT 10 postmark (ca. 1890) with unusual octagon agent name ("ROB.J. TH[???]") hand stamp at left, Cedar Rapids, IOA receiver. Scarce and attractive. SOLD
7816 #183, fine, tied by cork grid killer on intact cover with fine CH. & ATLA. R.P.O. F. MAIL, OCT 25, 1883 postmark (Charlotte & Atlanta RPO Fast Mail, Towle & Meyer 320-D-1), pencil docketing at left across stamp edge. $15
7715 #114, fine, tied by VF strike of C. & SAVANNAH R.R postmark (Towle & Meyer 350-B-1), Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA via SAVANNAH & CHARLESTON R.R., on VF intact all over Office Clerk Supreme Court, State of Alabama cover.  Noted on reverse as discovery copy of this railroad postmark.  Nice cover. SOLD
7705 #114, fine, sound, tied on unreduced cover by an XF blue strike of ATLANTA & CHATTA. RPO railroad postmark (Towle & Meyer 357-F-1, Chattanooga, TN to Atlanta, GA via Western & Atlantic R.R.) and cork killer, to Stock Creek, VA. Small corner fault at lower left and minor docketing.  Cover part of the Charles L. Towle Railway Marking reference collection (reference card scan).  Attractive. $50
7773 #213, VF, sound, bearing an XF strike of a boxed letter W directional killer with fair-fine strike of RENO & PRESTON AGT., JUN ? 1891 postmark (Towle & Meyer 877-A-1, Reno to Preston, MN via Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R.R.). Cover essentially intact, opened roughly at left. $15


7666 SFL, VF, with red MADISON & INDNPLS R.R., APR 6 (1850) postmark (Towle 654-B-2, Remele M2-a, 33mm) and numeral 5 rate mark, file fold through postmark, sent from cashier of Madison Branch of the State Bank of Indiana to the cashier in Indianapolis.  Most known examples of this scarce Madison & Indianapolis Rail Road postmark are from this correspondence. SOLD
7639 #UX9, VF, canceled by a VF, strike of fancy Morrison SOUTH, OK directional railroad killer with matching RUT. AND TROY RPO, AUG 12 postmark (Cole ML-143, Whitfield 4562), to Hoboken, NJ. This cancellation is rarely found well struck and complete. $125
7072 #UX5, fine, canceled by F-VF WASH. & RICH. R.P.O. DAY, OCT 28, 1880 railway postmark (Towle & Meyer 305-T-3, early use), mailed to Bruxelles, Belgium (receiver on front), bearing a jumbo gem uncancelled #182 paying additional 1 for 2 UPU rate. $30


6923 #11A, fine, canceled by fine strike of N. YORK & N. HAVEN R.R., JUN 24 postmark (New York & New Haven Rail Road, Remele N14-a) on fine small lady's cover to Guilford, CT.  Light erasable postmark reference at bottom left. $35


6764 #26, fine, just tied by smudge killer on intact cover with a light but completely discernible strike of N. YORK & N. HAVEN R.R., SEP 22, 1860 postmark (Remele N14-c, Towle & Meyer 70-D-3). Scarce railroad. $45


7078 #210, F-VF, small faults, grayish blue killer with matching ALB. KING & N.Y. R.P.O., JAN 1886 postmark on VF intact cover to Columbus, Ohio. $20
7033 #210, F-VF+, sound, tied by XF strike of directional letter S (south) with ESSEX JC. & BOS. R.P.O., NOV 1885 10 postmark (Towle & Meyer 41-L-1) on VF canary cover to Fitzwilliam, NH. Small reduction at right affects nothing. SOLD
7316 #UX3, VF, bearing LAFAY. & QUINCY R.P.O., AUG 1 (1874) postmark (Towle & Meyer 577-G-1, in black), W in flattened circle directional killer. $35
7317 #UX3, VF, canceled by VF strike of CHI. & FT. HOW. R.P.O., MAY 26 (1875) postmark (Chicago & Fort Howard, WI) and letter N (North) directional killer (Towle & Meyer 839-B-1). $35
7290 #UX3, VF, bearing a fine blue CHICAGO & DUN. R.P.O., DEC 14 (1874) postmark (Towle & Meyer 690-D-1) and cork killer, to DuBuque, Iowa. Clean Chicago & Dunleith, Ill. Railway postmark on card. $15
7291 #UX7, F-VF, canceled by VF CHI. & C. RAPIDS NIGHT, FEB 2 (1886) postmark (Towle & Meyer 691-G-2), sent to DeWitt, Iowa, VF violet oval RECEIVED DE WITT, IOWA, FEB 3, 1886 on reverse. Clean railway postmark. SOLD
7292 #UX5, F-VF, canceled by VF magenta BLOOM. & MEXICO R.P.O., FEB 3 (1879) postmark (Towle & Meyer 706-B-1), to Knoxville, IL. Nice railway postmark. $15
7293 #UX5, VF, canceled by VF blue FREE. &. CENT. R.P.O., AUG 18 (1879) postmark (Towle & Meyer 709- variety), matching circle killer, to DuBuque, Iowa. Clean Freeport & Centralia railway postmark. $15
7294 #UX5, VF, canceled by XF blue FREE. &. CENT. R.P.O., DEC 13 (1878) postmark (Towle & Meyer 709- variety), embossed JOLIET STOCK ASSOCIATION, to DuBuque, Iowa. Very clean Freeport & Centralia railway postmark. $15

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