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Postal Cards (#2)

Item # Description Price Picture
8765 #UX5, VF, with XF magenta HARMONY, OWEN CO., KY. JAN 24 1881 postmark (unlisted in Doane-Thompson) and an exquisitely detailed strike of magenta Roman soldiers profile killer (Whitfield 92).  Provided with the card scan is a detailed scan of the actual image plus two digitally enhanced scans (Postmark Reveal) revealing the killer's full detail. In addition, a detail scan of the finest known example of this rare commercial rubber killer (ex-Beane) struck in violet ink, a more readable ink color apparently used for later examples. The offered item is the third and ERU example of which I am aware, all from same correspondence. $75

8610 #UX5, VF, blue PEKIN, ILL. MAR 11 (ca. 1876) postmark (Tazewell Cty 1832-) duplexed to superb strike of blue rectangle formed by 4 hollow triangles, apparently copied from Chicago design (Berg SHT type). Numerous small Illinois post offices utilized the same blue ink as Chicago during this period.  A terrifically eye-popping fancy killer.  Ex-Roger Rhoads. $50
8494 #UX5, VF, sound, canceled by a VF+ strike of entwined letters "CD" killer (City Delivery, Cole ML-15) with SAINT LOUIS MO. OCT 27 (1882) postmark. $15
8375 #UX5, fine, canceled by a VF 50%+ strike of blue square of diamonds killer (Berg SOD-2) and CHICAGO ILL. MAY 1 (1876) postmark. Card with small spindle hole at left. $20


7956 #UX5, VF and fresh, canceled by an XF strike of magenta negative "OK" killer with matching BATTLE CREEK, MICH., JUL 7 (1876) postmark. This fancy killer is unlisted in major references. Whitfield (4928) lists a positive OK for Battle Creek, incorrectly reported as red, not magenta. $45
7962 #UX5, VF and fresh, canceled by by an XF partially broken, intense black circle of arrows geometric killerNEW ORLEANS, LA, AUG 17 (1880) postmark, to New York, NY. $20
7915 #UX5, VF, canceled by a VF-XF strike of blue entwined "POD" in circle killer [Post Office Department], ELYRIA, O., AUG 23 postmark, docketed 1877. Attractive. SOLD
7549 #UX5, fine, bearing an XF strike of unusual "Kachina doll", mushroom shaped horizontal grid killer with TUCSON, ARIZ., NOV 4, 1881 postmark. A scarce and attractive example of a fancy cancel from this pre-state territory. $40
7406 #UX5, fine, canceled by VF-XF strike of fancy spoke and wedge geometric killer (unlisted) with TUCSON, ARIZ., JUN 22, 1881 postmark on printed Pima County Bank acknowledgement. Two unobtrusive filled spindle holes (one above the "O" of Tucson, the other in the "U" of the ornate "US").  A scarce and attractive example of a fancy cancel from this pre-state territory. $40
7199 #UX5, fine, postmarked RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y., APR 19 (1877) with VF negative "EAH" killer (Cole ML-26) representing the initials of postmaster Eugene A. Hines. Scarce. $30


8608 #UX7 bearing a superb strike of ornate dark blue filigreed letter "F" fancy killer (Whitfield 5710) with matching FAULKNER, MASS. NOV 7 1882 postmark (DPO Middlesex County 1880-87, very scarce Helbock R6). Extremely rare and unusual fancy cancel. $225


8578 #UX7, BOONVILLE, IN APR 2 1884 postmark apparently duplexed to an XF hand-carved, almost ellipse-like grid with central time-of-day "7PM". The card has two spindle holes which barely detract from this incredible killer.  Eight time-of-day killers besides this are known, not all cataloged.  This unique Boonville killer is newly discovered and first time offered. $150







Six UX5/7 cards, all VF (7210 corner bend), each canceled by an XF strike of a different Boston, MA negative numeral or letter killer. The lot price is $40.  Any individual card is available for $10. $40

7639 #UX9, VF, canceled by a VF, strike of fancy Morrison SOUTH, OK directional railroad killer with matching RUT. AND TROY RPO, AUG 12 postmark (Cole ML-143, Whitfield 4562), to Hoboken, NJ. This cancellation is rarely found well struck and complete. $125



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