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Postal Cards (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8137 #UX3, VF music company printed reply card, canceled by a VF strike of blue CHICAGO, IL, SEP 16 (1875) postmark and matching crossroads killer (Berg type CR-8). SOLD
8066 #UX3, VF, CANON CITY, COL., OCT 2 (1875) postmark (Fremont County 1860-) and target killer to Chicago, IL, with VF blue CHICAGO, ILL CARRIER, OCT 6 receiver. Scarce territorial Colorado use. Homeopathic medicine discussed in message. $20
j0005 #UX3, fine, canceled by an XF strike of blue letter "B" in wreath killer with CHICAGO, ILL., MAY 26 postmark. Berg records two partial, blurred strikes of this killer as type L-R3 (1874 use), mistakenly categorizing it as a letter "R". This example definitively establishes that this is a letter "B". (In his 1996 supplement, Berg now identifies this killer as LB-1, making this the earliest recorded example by 2 days.) The card has a light, small chemical bleaching area at the base of the Liberty portrait slightly affecting the killer. Nevertheless, this is a highly exhibitable Chicago blue killer. $95
8095 #UX3, VF, bearing a VF-XF strike of blue 6-bar killer (Berg 6B variety), CHICAGO, ILL, JAN 12 (1875) postmark, sent to Marquette, MI. Printed North and British Mercantile Insurance Co. response card on reverse. SOLD
7877 #UX3, fine, some tone spots, canceled by an XF strike of blue geometric killer (Berg GEO-39), CHICAGO, ILL, DEC 5 (1874) postmark, to Farmer Village, NY. Small abrasion on back. SOLD
7678 #UX3, fine, bend at upper left, bearing a VF blue SAVANNAH, GA., NOV 12 (1874) postmark and an XF strike of an unusual matching blue geometric killer, not listed in major references. $25
7586 #UX3, VF, sound, bearing a VF+ strike of negative Masonic trowel fancy killer (Cole MA-13), SYRACUSE, N.Y., JUL 19 (ca. 1875) postmark, card mailed locally. SOLD
7403 #UX3, VF, canceled by an XF-superb strike of a smiling mask/pumpkin face fancy killer (Cole JO-16) with OSWEGO, NY, MAY 6 (1875) postmark, mailed to Utica, NY. $75
7254 #UX3, VF, bearing a VF+ strike of oblong/pick-shaped face fancy killer with VF CHENOA, ILL., MAR 23 (1874) postmark. This face fancy cancel is unlisted in major and specialized Illinois cancellation references. Very scarce. $125
7179 #UX1, WEST STOCKBRIDGE, MASS., AUG 13 postmark, bearing a VF strike of a left-pointing hand killer (Whitfield 562, but more definitive, clearly showing that it is more elongated and with a hollow circle in the center).  An extremely scarce and desirable fancy cancel. $225
7149 #UX3, canceled by a F-VF strike of "OK" in circle (Cole OK-16) killer with fair NOV 3 (1874) BELOIT, WI postmark, Crim and Starkweather Bankers printed receipt card on reverse. $45


7150 #UX3, bearing a superb strike of large solid Maltese cross killer (Cole CSM-11), NEW YORK P.O., MAR 12 (1875) postmark, central spindle hole and sealed spindle hole at top edge of killer. Still, quite an impactful killer. $25


7000 #UX3, F-VF, canceled by a VF strike of blue negative left-pointing hand killer (Cole HF-20) and PITTSBURGH, PA, APR 28 (1874) postmark, a very scarce and desirable fancy cancel on postal card. SOLD
6960 #UX3, fine, bearing a superb strike of ST. LOUIS, MO shield killer (Cole SH-77), light NOV 6 (1873) postmark. A scarce and terrific example of one of the fancy St. Louis shield cancels. $100



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