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Other Items (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7914 #E2, F+, sound, tied on intact U313 Plimpton entire by DECORAH & C. RAPIDS R.P.O., OCT 10 postmark (ca. 1890) with unusual octagon agent name ("ROB.J. TH[???]") hand stamp at left, Cedar Rapids, IOA receiver. Scarce and attractive. SOLD
7952 Official Mailing Card, Lewis & Clark Centennial, 1905, Portland, Oregon, picturing a General View of the exposition, postmarked OCT 1905, EXPOSITION STATION (Bomar P05-02) canceling a 1 cent #300. Card has minor edge wear including a small corner bend at upper right. Sender wrote, "Portland, Sept 28th, 1905. Dear Eva, I am having a lovely time at the fair, love to all. Myrtle Hepp". All in all a very clean and attractive card (symbol of Lewis & Clark leading Liberty westward into the sun at lower right). $40

7736 Jamestown Exposition post card, postmarked PATERSON, N.J., JUL 28, 1907 and bearing a fine #328, 1 Jamestown Exposition stamp paying a "Printed Matter" rate (no message) to Germany, with color image titled "BIRD'S-EYE VIEW, JAMESTOWN EXPOSITION, 1907." Perhaps the most interesting feature of the illustration is a view of the fleet of international ships at the bottom. The second International Naval Review was a part of the exposition's opening festivities, welcoming fleets of international ships for President Theodore Roosevelt's review. One can see among the ships elements of the U.S. Navy's "White Fleet". Scarce card (back image). $40
7739 Lewis & Clark Exposition post card with 1 #300 paying a "Printed Matter" rate to Germany, postmarked PATERSON, N.J., JUL 15, 1905, picturing an artist rendering of the Industrial and Liberal Art Palace (back image). $25
7740 #300, Brooklyn, N.Y., NOV 2 postmark, on Wm. H. Taft & James S. Sherman, presidential and vice presidential candidates 1908 presidential campaign picture post card with gold, blue and red embossed eagle with shield, captioned "Our Choice". Small scuff on eagle, otherwise VF.  Writer penned, "I hope you will vote for these men's [sic]..." (back image).  A nice early political campaign item. SOLD
7725 #319, fine, perf faults at right, tied by WORLD'S FAIR ST. LOUIS, FEB 24, 1904 machine postmark on VF intact multi-color illustrated Louisiana Purchase Centennial 1904 cover picturing a rising sun with Liberty waving the American flag and pointing at the St. Louis location on a world globe with an eagle carrying a patriotic bunting shield. Cover printed by Hesse Envelope Co., St. Louis, style No. 51.  Very pretty exposition cover. $85

7391 Guatemala, VF intact 5 centavo post horn entire plus 5 centavo Scott #33 paying postage to Germany, purple OCT 23, 1890 postmark, two strikes of black 12-bar numeral 1 ellipse killer.  This simplex commercial hard rubber ellipse is quite scarce on Guatemala mail of this period.  (Shaded star is the most common; Wheel of Fortune killers also were used and are very scarce.)  Berlin 11/18/90 receiver on reverse. SOLD
7432 #E3 vermilion Special Delivery stamp plus #231, [???] & BOSTON RPO, MAY 13 (1893) postmark with two strikes of negative serifed letter E directional killer tying the stamps on intact small cover to Brookline, MA.  BROOKLINE BOSTON, MASS. and BANGOR & BOS. R.P.O. receivers on reverse.  Scarce and interesting usage. SOLD
7380 #231, fine, sound broken hat variety, tied on VF intact corner advertising cover by MONTICELLO, IND, JUN 13, 1894 postmark and duplexed solid 5-point star in crescent fancy killer, sent to Chicago (machine JUN 14 receiver).  Fancy cancels like this are exceptionally difficult to locate on 2 Columbian issue covers. SOLD


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