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Department Officials (#2)

Item # Description Price Picture
7216 #O60, 6 State, position 61 showing a strong foreign transfer of the 6 Executive (especially at upper right edge) and double transfer at upper left, centered to bottom, 2 short perfs at right, canceled by Washington, DC numeral 1 in triple circle.  Scott catalog value for this position not listed, but for other foreign transfer positions 41 and 91, $500. SOLD
7518 #O61, 7 State, VF and fresh, tiny thin, canceled by a blue double oval RECEIVED, 1883 favor cancellation. Nice $65
7084 #O74, F+ 3 Treasury, tiny perf faults, bearing a 50% strike of a pumpkin face/mask killer, a very scarce fancy cancel variety on an Official issue. $40
7108 #O81, XF appearing 30 Treasury, short transfer across the entire top of the stamp (position 41), one of the few true short transfers Official plate varieties. 2019 PFC, genuine, "with circular paper puncture at center". SOLD
6898 #O82, fine 90 Treasury, small faults, bearing an XF SOTN strike of a negative 5-point star-in-star killer. Distinct fancy cancels of all types are quite scarce on high value officials, even the common Treasury stamps. $30
7435 #213, F+, sound, 1888 Philadelphia postmark and ellipse killer, on XF intact Mint of the United States at Philadelphia, Assay Department envelope. This Treasury Department envelope apparently used solely for correspondence to private parties, not a penalty official envelope. $15
8223 #O85, fine 3 War, tiny perf faults, bearing an XF SOTN strike of FORT LEAVENWORTH, KAN. "honeycomb" formed as letter "E" in wreath. Scarce. SOLD
6580 #O86, fine 6 War, tiny corner crease at upper left, canceled by an XF strike of purple outlined Maltese cross killer. An attractive color cancellation. $15
6706 #O91, F+ 24 War, sound, canceled by a F+ SOTN strike of New York City gridded numeral 2 double oval killer. SOLD
6903 #O92, F-VF sound 30 War, canceled by a VF strike of scarcer Washington, DC single line oval killer. $15


7063 #O97, avg-fine 2 Interior soft paper, canceled by a VF strike of 9-bar ellipse killer with interior 5-point star. $5
7777 #O98, fine 3 Interior soft paper, fine, tied by KIRWIN, KAN., AUG 3, 1883 postmark on unreduced U.S. Land Office, Kirwin, Kans. penalty envelope, small part of back flap and fault at upper right. Mail sent to private party. SOLD
6813 #O98, 3 soft paper Interior, fine, canceled by partial strike of territorial postmark and duplexed star killer. $5
6711 #O98, fine 3 Interior, sound, canceled by a F-VF strike of blackish blue Wheel of Fortune fancy killer. $10
7611 #O99, 6 Interior soft paper, top left margin plate #56 block of 14.  Stamps are sound, centered to the right.  There is a single hinge reinforcement between the left 2 stamps.  The remaining 12 stamps are NH. The block is essentially intact, with minor vertical perf separations at top rows 2 and 5.  A nice, clean example of a scarce multiple. $100
7235 #O99, fine 6 Interior soft paper, tiny thins, canceled by a VF+ strike of unusual outline W killer, unlisted in major references, but have seen this killer on another 6 Interior. SOLD
7937 #O116, VF 3 War soft paper, small faults, VF-XF sharp strike of blue Indian Head with part rectangular postmark from Fort Keough, Montanna Territory, rich color on bright paper, ex_Lobdell. $175
7960 #O116, fine SE 3 War soft paper, small faults, bearing a VF-XF strike of fancy purple entwined "POD" (Post Office Department) in circle commercial rubber killer (Cole listed for multiple towns). $15
7524 O116, fine 3 War soft paper, canceled by a spectacular SOTN star in crescent fraternal cancel. Stamp has a thin and corner crease at upper right. Very scarce and desirable fancy cancel on an official. $60
6704 #O116, fine 3 War soft paper, sound, COLORADO, OCT 13, 1882 postmark (town unclear), solid 5-point star killer. $20
8096 #UO54, XF intact entire, printed Chief Signal Officer, U.S. Army address, bearing a VF strike of CRUGER, ILL., F. J. Schreiber, P.M., NOV 10, 1879 postmaster name postmark (DLO Woodford County 1856-1909, R3 scarcity)  This postmaster postmark is unlisted in Doane-Thompson and obviously scarce. SOLD
8042 War Department penalty envelope, intact, with illustrated Ordnance Department. U.S.A. crossed cannons of the Watertown Arsenal, WATERTOWN, MASS., OCT 22, 1904 postmark and ellipse cancellation. $15

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