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Department Officials (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
6756 #O1S, 1 Agriculture special printing, VF-XF, sound, NGAI. A beautiful example of this Official SPECIMEN overprint. $25


7052 #O3, fine 3 Agriculture, sound, canceled by a black leaf killer. All fancy killers on Agriculture Department stamps are scarce. $20
6759 #O3, XF 3 Agriculture, tiny corner perf bend at UL, otherwise sound, canceled by a SOTN strike of a negative 5-point star in circle.  Fancy killers scarce on the Agriculture stamps. $25
7032 #O17, 3 Interior, fine, tied by wedges cork killer with 26mm Washington, DC, DEC 20 postmark on small intact, early style free frank, signed, U.S. Patent Office envelope, local delivery, 1 overpay.  Red DC carrier postmark on reverse.  By virtue of the killer, the postmark size and lack of time stamp, this is a scarce 1873 usage. SOLD
7218 #O16, XF 2 Interior, sound, canceled by an XF strike of commercial rubber Wheel of Fortune fancy killer. Attractive stamp and fancy cancel. $35
6916 #O20, 12 Interior, XF-superb and sound with light cancellation, this being the scarce catalog-listed variety with short transfer at bottom right (pos. 6). Great stamp. $75
6997 #O20, 12 Interior, XF and sound with neat cork cancellation, this being the scarce catalog-listed variety with short transfer at bottom right (pos.6). Nice example of this. $45
6754 #O21, 15 Interior, F-VF+, sound, bearing a superb SOTN strike of intense black cross fancy killer. $25
6896 #O24, 90 Interior, XF-superb and sound, with large even margins and light cancellation, 2017 PSAG certificate (0577106) graded 90. (I call this a 95.) Gorgeous used example of this stamp. SOLD
6578 #O27, 3 Justice, canceled by a VF+ strike of New York City 9-bar numeral 5 ellipse killerExamples of this style of NYC killer (used 1876-84) on Justice Department are very scarce. Stamp with corner crease at lower left, trimmed perfs at top. $25


7127 #O43, XF appearing 24 Navy, unused, no gum, this being the extremely scarce erased transfer at lower left variety. Stamp has a few repaired perfs at left and at the bottom. A terrific looking example of this plate variety. $150
7107 #O48, F-VF 2 Post Office, canceled by red "apple" killer, distinctly showing the split stem of the fruit at right. A wonderful fancy killer on an Official. $50
7163 #O50, 6 Post Office, average stamp, sound, quartered cork killer and light WASHINGTON, DC postmark on intact Office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General, Division of Registered Letters cover, central vertical bend. $50
7188 #UO7, VF, fresh and intact 3 Post Office entire, canceled by an XF strike of negative 5-point star with PITTSBURGH, PA, JUL 26 postmark. $35
6454 #UO7, UPSS# PD40-2, XF intact 3c Black on Lemon entire canceled by a VF-XF strike of negative purple star killer, matching PRINCETON, ILL, 17 DEC postmark. Scarce and attractive color fancy killer. $35

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