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Postage Dues (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8206 #J19, fine, perf faults, tied by large quartered cork killer on unpaid cover from Germany, postmarked 27/2/87 WULSDORF, to Savannah, GA.  Front bears an octagon boxed "T" due marking and NEW YORK MAR 13 87 DUE 10 CENTS binocular hand stamp, reverse with MAR 15, 1887 SAVANNAH, GA. receiver.  Due pays penalty doubling of 5¢ single rate deficiency. Unpaid covers from Germany are uncommon. SOLD
8207 #J19, fine, sound, tied by bold blue target killer on intact unpaid cover from Norway to Minneapolis, MN, VALDALEN 23 5 83 postmark, "T" due mark and NEW YORK JUN 8 83 DUE 10 CENTS binocular hand stamp on front, ALESUND transit and MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. JUN 12 receiver on reverse. Due pays penalty doubling of 5¢ single rate deficiency. $60
8208 #J19, fine, tiny perf faults, tied by target killer on unpaid cover from Sweden to Plum City, WI, NORA 7 5 1888 postmark, boxed "T" due mark and NEW YORK MAY 8 88 DUE 10 CENTS binocular hand stamp on front, transit and PLUM CITY, WIS. MAY 21 1888 quadruple ring postmark receiver on reverse. Due pays penalty doubling of 5¢ single rate deficiency. Small cover edge fault at left. $45
8210 #J29, fine, sound, NEW YORK UD barred oval killer, on 1907 New South Wales post card, bearing the 1d Southern Cross shield stamp, large "N.S.W. T 5" in shield due mark, San Francisco COLLECT POSTAGE 2 CENTS. Penalty doubling of 1¢ short pay of UPU card rate.  Card pictures a photo of the Sydney Customs House. $25
8080 #J24 pair, F+, sound, tied by ALBANY, N.Y., APR 29 95, REC'D postmark and paying double the deficiency on intact mourning cover from Great Britain, one penny Queens head stamp underpays 1½ penny (15 T), 3¢ postage.  NEW YORK APR 27 95 DUE 6 CENTS binocular hand stamp.  Contains two letters datelined in March 1895.  Pretty. $100


8060 #J15 fine, sound 1¢ due, target cancel or precancel, not tied, on VF intact cover with fine #220, HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N.Y, JUN 6 postmark, to Freeport, IL.  There is a purple "JUN 20 1891 / Advertised. Due 1ct" hand stamp with and "UNCLAIMED", the J15 paying advertised fee.  JUN 7, 1891 Freeport receiver and and Freeport, JUL 6, 1891 postmark on reverse.  Pretty usage. $75


8061 #J22, fine, sound 1¢ due with blue ruled crayon precancel, on unreduced cover with pair of 10pf German coat of arms stamps canceled Bornum paying the single UPU rate to Pittsburgh, PA.  Red "PITTSBURGH, PA. / AUG 25 1893 / General Delivery No. 3", and purple "Unclaimed / NON-RÉCLAMÉ". The J22 apparently pays an ADVERTISED fee.  The cover back is missing its back flap affecting some markings.  There is a Pittsburgh 23 AUG 1893 receiver and what appears to be a light Pittsburgh 28 AUG 1893 ADVERTISED marking. $45
7911 #J3 tied on cover front by a VF+ strike of indigo blue star in circle cancel, sent to Webster, Westmoreland Co., PA. Fancy killers used to cancel postage due stamps are very scarce. Stamp has small abrasion at top. $20
7457 #220, fine, sound, SPRINGFIELD, MASS., OCT 29, 92 postmark and ellipse on cover to Concord, NH, where it was stamped ADVERTISED, NOV 14, 1892. Cover bears #J22 twice struck by CONCORD, NOV 22, 1892 postmark, paying the advertising fee. $30
7398 #210+#206 on VF attorney corner card cover postmarked WATSONTOWN, PA, NOV 7, 1884 to Bellefonte, PA, manuscript "Due One Cent", bearing quarter cork canceled #J15. This is an unusual use of the 1¢ due to make up for a partial deficiency of postage. $45
7189 #207, canceled LYONS, IOA., AUG 7 (1882) sent ot EAST ORANGE, NJ and bearing a fine #J3 tied by an XF strike of unusual blue target killer on unreduced cover, small portion of back flap missing. SOLD
7203 #J3, 3 VF copies, plus #J1, manuscript canceled, paying inbound postage due (10¢ for 5¢ underpayment, scarce multiple due combination) from Vaderstad (WADERSTAD), Sweden to Rock Island, IL, New York, JUL 7, 1884, DUE 10 CENTS binocular hand stamp, purple ROCK ISLAND, ILL., JUL 11, 1884 receiver on reverse.  Cover with minor reduction at right. $60

7204 #J2, 2 pairs + single, fine, paying inbound postage due (10¢ for 5¢ underpayment, scarce multiple due combination) on cover from Mjölby, Sweden, manuscript cancels, to Rock Island, IL, New York, JAN 7, 1882, DUE 10 CENTS binocular hand stamp. Cover with minor reduction at right. SOLD

7123 #J1 and #J2, F-VF, tied by bold DETROIT, MICH., SEP 14 postmark with "[DUE] 3 CENTS" in circle, on intact MICH. STATE FAIR, Detroit, Sept. 15-19, 1879 advertising cover, tear at top.  Interesting SOLD

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