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Destination Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7175 #179, F-VF, tied by a VF-XF strike of blue CHICAGO, IL crossroads killer (Berg CR-17), AUG 9 (1876) postmark and VF strike of scarce, red CHICAGO, ILL, PAID ALL transit mark on intact cover to England, Birmingham receiver back stamp. $50
7145 #UX5, VF, with fine #156 paying UPU card rate to Gera, Germany. Stamp and card bear two XF strikes of negative numeral 5 killer with SAVANNAH, GA, JAN 1 (1876) postmark. Red NEW YORK TRANSIT, JAN 5 and GERA receiver on front.  Interesting and unlisted killer from Savannah. $100


7161 #W120, fine, elongated oval numeral 5 double oval killer of NEW ORLEANS, LA to Messina, Italy, a harbor city in northeast Sicily, separated from mainland Italy by the Strait of Messina. Violet A. Cusimano & Co., New Orleans merchant hand stamp with star.  Pretty. $25
7136 #212, F+, on fine UX9 paying the UPU postal card rate to Prague (Hungarian Habsburg empire) from VINCENNES, IN, MAR 25, 1889. PRAG/PRAHA receiving stamp on front. Stamp is an intense, almost indigo blue color. $15
7125 #179, fine, NEW YORK, JAN 19 (1877) postmark and duplexed numeral 2 ellipse (early use) tie to fine intact cover with fancy blue corner advertisement, red JA 31, 77, LONDON, N.W. PAID receiver.  Vertical cover bend at right away from the stamp. $40
7072 #UX5, fine, canceled by F-VF WASH. & RICH. R.P.O. DAY, OCT 28, 1880 railway postmark (Towle & Meyer 305-T-3, early use), mailed to Bruxelles, Belgium (receiver on front), bearing a jumbo gem uncancelled #182 paying additional 1 for 2 UPU rate. $30
7037 #150, fine, sound, tied by crossroads killer on VF FLS to San Jose,COSTA RICA. Cover is docketed "per Steamer" and bears a VF magenta San Francisco, Cal., PAID, SEP 28 postmark, blue Hellman Bros. & Co., S.F., SEP 26, 1872 company date stamp. Scarce destination. SOLD
7030 #205, fine, sound, canceled by CHARLESTON, S.C.. AUG 14, 1886 Wesson TOB postmark on VF intact cover (tiny edge fault at left) to England with nice illustration of Banking House of G. Williams & Co., Carolina Savings Bank of Charleston. $45


6958 #157, fine, SE, #158, fine, tied by black grid killers, NEW ORLEANS, OCT 13 and red New York exchange office postmarks on VF FLS to Italy. Black merchant oval at bottom left, VF MILANO STATZ., 2 NOV 75 receiver on back. $100
6921 #183, #184, fine sound copies, paying the UPU rate on VF FLS to Spain, canceled by two VF strikes of NEW YORK numeral 2 vertical foreign mail ellipses, MAY 3, 1879 postmark. Light merchant large oval hand stamp at left, a large VF copy of this hand stamp on reverse. $40
6941 #328 (2) 1 Jamestown Exposition, on illustrated post card to Norway, canceled FORTRESS MONROE, VA, SEP 1, 1907, picturing a color-tinted photo of U.S. sailors at gun practice (scan). Right stamp torn at bottom before cancellation. $20
6920 #U227, VF intact unsealed 2 entire paying the foreign mail circular rate to Belgium, canceled by large gridded double oval NEW YORK letter Y station killer. $30
6932 #W301, fine wrapper, canceled by fancy negative ALBANY, N.Y. oval killer to Germany, back stamped HALL, WURTTMBG (Wurttenburg), 1 JUN, 1895. $25


6875 #114, VF strip of 3 + single, canceled CHICAGO, IL, DEC 17 (1869), on small intact cover to Dublin, Ireland, back stamped with scarce packet marking, H&R PACT, A, JA 2, 9, 1870. SOLD

6765 #185, avg-fine, sound, canceled by an XF strike of New Orleans, LA fancy geometric killer, 31 JUL (1881) postmark, on VF FLS to Mexico, docketed "Via New York." Two pressed file folds affect nothing. Purple New Orleans merchant oval address hand stamp. $100
6824 #205, VF, on intact cover to England, BALTIMORE, MD, AUG 21 (1883) postmark, forwarded to Paris, France, London and Paris receivers on front, boxed purple E.M. Jenkins, Tours & Excursions forwarding mark, reverse. SOLD
6676 #189, VF, sound, and #206 on VF intact U250 4 green Jackson entire, FX-NY1a(i)(ii) registry exchange label, double weight registered cover to Germany, blue boxed REGISTERED MAY 6, 1884 BRANCH A, NEW YORK, P.O.  A visually attractive and unusual combination of stamps and entire to make up this rate. $125
6616 #179, VF, sound, tied by purple killer with VF matching BLUE EARTH CITY, MINN., SEP 7 (1877) postmark (DPO Faribault County, 1856-1902) on intact cover to England, red CHICAGO PAID ALL exchange (scarce) and London receiver. Original letter contained. $40
6576 #205, F-VF, Detroit, Mich, JAN 22, 1884 postmark and target ties to intact cover to Navy officer Assistant Engineer Frank W. Bartlett on the USS Kearsarge.  The cover was sent through London, England forwarding agent B. F. Stevens and bears an XF strike of purple large oval UNITED STATES DESPATCH AGENT, B. F. STEVENS, LONDON, 5 FEB 84 hand stamp.  It was next forwarded to the ships then current location, evidenced by two VF-XF strikes of purple CARE OF THE/UNITED STATES CONSUL/NAPLES. ITALY straight line hand stamps.  Cover has a Charing Cross receiver on front and two red London transit marks on reverse.  A very attractive cover with great eye appeal. SOLD
6620 #205, fine, Chicago JUN 3, 1885 postmarkand ellipse killer ties to fine intact illustrated corner advertising cover for Fraser and Chalmers, mining machinery, to Chile, New York City, Serena, Chile and Coquimbo, Chile back stamps.  Scarce destination. $75
6604 #205, 2 VF copies, New York City MAR 31, 1884 postmark and ellipse killers tie to VF Echeverria & Co. FLS to Saltillo, Mexico, purple hand stamps including Via LAREDO (TEXAS), back stamped Laredo APR 5, 1884. Clean and attractive. $45
6540 #UX5, VF, with VF #156 tied by purple targets with purple BLUE RIDGE SUMMIT, PA. JUN 29 postmark (Franklin County, 1876-), UPU card rate to England, VF red PAID LIVERPOOL U.S. PACKET 18 JY 78 receiver. Attractive. $30
6520 #UX5, F-VF, with #182 paying the 2 UPU postal card rate to France, tied by XF strike of Boston, MA, NOV 14, 1881 postmark and letter L in 9-bar ellipse, black Boston PAID and blue Paris receiver on front. $25


6510 #216, VF, sound, tied by a true red target killer with matching HENNEPIN, ILL, SEP 21, 1888, PUTNAM, CO. county DLC postmark (Doane-Thompson 921) on VF intact cover to Germany. Extremely eye catching color combo. $135
6509 #216, F-VF, sound blue 5 Garfield, on VF intact cover to Costa Rica, NEW YORK, MAR 9, 1889 postmark and numeral 4 ellipse, The Engineering and Mining Journal corner, small cover faults. Very scarce destination. $150
6504 #232, fine 3 Columbian, tied by VF BOSTON, MASS, CAMB (Cambridge) double oval killer on folded package front paying a book rate to Museum Tromsoe, Norway, from Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology. Very scarce, valid use of the 3 Columbian and a scarce destination. SOLD
6471 #149, F-VF+, tied by VF strike of fancy blue double wedge crossroad killer (Berg DW-2), Chicago MAR 3 (1874) postmark (ERU for this killer), on fine intact cover to Germany. Attractive. $125
5923 #215, fine, SE, canceled NEGAUNEE, MICH, 1888, on cover from Rev. C.M. Brown to Osaka, Japan, Yokohama and S.F., CA back stamps.  The cover bears three separate tissue paper Japanese forwarding labels, endorsed and hand stamped.  Very unusual and scarce. $175


5543 #255, 3 fine copies, on VF intact U330, 5 Grant blue entire, all canceled by two VF strikes of N.Y. SUPPLEMENTARY, MAY 4 PAID, 1895 Type F postmark, to Switzerland. This is a rather scarce late use of this postmark.  Piszkiewicz (United States Supplementary Mail, U.S. Stamp Society, 2009) records a 1898 LKU for type F postmarks, which were applied at the G.P.O.  Supplementary mail oval postmark type G, applied at the pier, had commenced use as early as 1891. $195



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