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Destination Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8258 #210, fine, Washington D.C. NOV 7, 1885 postmark and ellipse killer, underpaying the 5˘ UPU rate to England.  Cover bears binocular T 15 CENTIMES N.Y. postage due hand stamp and a large manuscript "3" for due amount applied on receipt.  Cover at lower left is docketed "Care B. F. Stevens" London forwarding agent, sent to Lieut. B. F. Bingham, Eng. Corps. U.S.N. / U.S. Str. "Quinnebaug". London address crossed out and VF purple "CARE OF THE / UNITED STATES CONSUL / ALEXANDRIA EGYPT" at upper left for forwarding. During this time the Quinnebaug was on tour of duty in the Mediterranean Sea. Three NO 20 85 London receivers and VF Alexandria receiver on reverse.  Terrific markings, scarce destination, unusual that it involved underpaid postage.  Nice. $150

8275 #179, #183, F+ sound copies, on intact #U166 entire, three VF-XF strikes of letter "H" killer of San Francisco, CA (Whitfield 5794), MAR 6 postmark on VF intact cover to Germany, senders 1879 dated back stamp and JEVER 27 3 79 receiver. Very attractive. $85
8176 #209x2, #206 (fault at lower left), canceled by LOWELL, MA, JAN 31 87 postmark and ellipse killers, with Trinidad FEB 87 front receiver, Boston JAN 31 foreign division and NYC FEB 1 back transit postmarks. The cover, which is slightly reduced at left, is addressed to a party in care of the American Consul at Trinidad, Port of Spain, with transport directive "Sch. [Schooner] Susie P Oliver". (Research indicates that this schooner, built in Bucksport, Maine, transported salt from Curacao, West Indies in the late 1800's.) The stamps were intended to pay the the very short lived 21˘ French mail rate to Trinidad. According to Wawrukiewicz & Beecher, U.S. International Postal Rates, 1872-1996 (p. 55), this rate was in effect for less than a year, July ? 1876 - May 31 1877. UPU rates were in effect by the date of this cover, so the postage represents an over-payment. Nevertheless, this is a very scarce destination and interesting usage. SOLD
8067 #281, fine, sound, SIOUX CITY, IOWA, 11 OCT 98 Barry machine killer ties to VF intact Spanish American War patriotic design advertising cover for Tolerton & Stetson Company, wholesale grocers.  Cover mailed to Paris, France. $85
8114 #179, F+, sound, tied by blue target killer with matching PETERSBURGH, N.Y., DEC 21 (1878) postmark on fresh cover to Havana, Cuba, neatly opened at right. Contains original dated letter. SOLD
8102 #179, fine, sound, tied by a VF-XF strike of blue oval grid with internal square killer (Berg OV-18), CHICAGO, ILL., AUG 31 (1876) postmark and light red CHICAGO PAID ALL on VF cover to England neatly opened at right, Birmingham back stamp. SOLD
8039 #161, fine, tiny faults, SOTN crossroads killer and TOMPKINSVILLE, NY, JUN 5 (1878) postmark on VF intact all over Bensiger Brothers church goods advertising cover picturing a chalice.  Stamp, while not tied, clearly belongs, paying double 5˘ UPU rate to Switzerland, Einsiedeln 18 VI 78 receiver back stamp. $65

7999 #179, VF, sound, tied by a VF+ strike of an unusual cross fancy killer (Cole CSU-18) with PITTSBURGH, PA., MAY 11 postmark, on cover to Paris, France. Cover is unreduced with small tear at left, minor edge faults, half of flap missing. Original content included. $35
8011 #U143, VF unsealed 2˘ orange entire on cream, NEW ORLEANS. LA., JUL 12 postmark and VF-XF strike of intense black "arrows" crossroad killer, an unsealed foreign mail circular rate to Gladbach, Prussia (Germany). Blue oval JUL 10 1880 sender back stamp. $45
7936 #150 vertical pair, #146, fine sound copies, paying 22˘ American Packet rate to Lima, Peru on intact cover, VF Portchester, N.Y., JUL 29 postmark, bold red New York, 12, Jul 30 exchange office credit mark, 1872 docketing. Opening tear at top crosses postmark, still a VF cover. $250
7939 #151, #136 grill, sound F-VF stamps tied by two strikes of quartered cork killer, EAST JAFFREY, NH, AUG 13 (1871) postmark, red NY AUG 15 exchange mark on cover to Göttingen, Germany, neatly opened top and at left.  Scarce franking for 1˘ convenience overpay of double 7˘ direct rate. Cover carried by Hapag Line Thuringia from New York Aug. 15 to Hamburg arriving Aug. 28, Aug. 29 arrival back stamp. $275
7940 #135 grill, #159, rounded corner, tied by target killers, RESERVE, N.Y., MAY 11 postmark, VF red NEW YORK PAID ALL VIA HAMBURG, MAY 13 exchange office mark (Winter 255a, scarce) on VF intact cover and 8˘ rate to Switzerland via Hamburg, XF BASEL 5 27 75 receiver on back.  Cover carried by Hapag Lin Cimbria from New York on May 13 to Hamburg arriving May 26. $250
7899 #210 pair, #206 SE, fine copies, paying the UPU rate to Honolulu, Hawaii, WEST LEBANON, N.H., MAY 25 postmark and cork killers on VF cover, Tilden Ladies' Seminary 1885 dated purple hand stamp corner.  The cover is addressed to Miss M. Ella Spooner.  Miss Spooner was a missionary teacher at Oahu College in Latin and English literature.  Opening at right just affects the upper perfs of the rightmost stamp. $75
7870 #76, F+ SE copy, sound, tied by blue BALTIMORE, MD, APR 9 1866 postmark with 4-ring killer on VF FLS to Amsterdam, Netherlands endorsed "Per first steamer". The cover has three back stamps: BOSTON BR. PKT. 11 APR, blue LONDON AP-21 66, and red AMSTERDAM 22 4 66.  Based upon records in Hubbard & Winter, North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-1875, the cover went via Cunard steamer China, leaving Boston 11 April and arriving in Queenstown 20 April.  The postage pays the single British open mail rate by British packet.  The manuscript mark on front left shows 55 Dutch cents postage due.  The one on the right reflects the British debit to Netherlands of 10d.  A very attractive example of this foreign mail rate. $175

7875 #148, VF, minor faults, on #U85 6˘ dark red Reay entire, paying a double 6˘ treaty rate to Hawaii.  Two strikes (one light) of a double circle BANGOR, ME, JUN 13 (1872) postmark plus a small cork grid tie the stamp and Lincoln indicia.  The cover is addressed to Hon. Elisha H. [Hunt] Allen "for Mrs. Allen", his wife. Allen was a U.S. politician and citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii who, at the time of mailing, served as Chief Justice Hawaii Supreme Court.  Mrs. Allen (Mary Ellen, née Hobbs) was the daughter of Frederick Hobbs of Bangor, Maine.  A scarce use of the entire to Hawaii. $75
7880 #264, VF, #271 vertical pair, fine, all sound, on cover to Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii, paying the UPU 5˘ plus 8˘ registry on registered cover bearing scarce San Francisco registry exchange label FX-SF1a tied by Honolulu OCT 9, 1897.  Cover mailed to a member of the well known Blackstad family.  Cover bears a 3-line purple San Francisco, Cal., Oct 2 1897, Registry Div. hand stamp and is reduced 7mm at left. $100
7835 #159, fine, tied by red grid killer with VF matching BALTIMORE, MD., JUL 13 (1874) postmark and red NEW YORK, JUL 15 exchange office postmark on unreduced cover to Jever, Germany, receiver back stamp. Most of the cover's bottom back flap has been cut away.  Scarce color cancellation. SOLD
7755 #161, fine, sound, tied by an XF strike of fancy geometric killer (very similar to Whitfield 4228, unattributed, 1861 issues), SYRACUSE, NY, AUG 24 (1874) postmark, red New York PAID exchange office postmark, and blue 7 SEPT 74 HAVRE French receiver on intact cover paying American Packet Direct rate to France.  The letter was sent to forwarding agent Munroe & Co., Paris, and apparently forwarded to Russia.  The cover is docketed "Rec'd Sept. 12 1874, St. Petersburg" at left.  Attractive and scarce usage. $60
7733 #159, fine, #157x2, VF sound, paying the NGU direct rate to Constantinople, Turkey on VF intact cover (back flap torn and resealed) postmarked Middleborough, MA, APR 21 (ca. 1874), part of the Washburne correspondence. Cover bears a red NEW YORK PAID ALL, AUG 22 exchange office postmark, New York red crayon "4" for 4˘ credit to Germany and German red crayon “Wf 2" (weiterfranco, "foreign postage") corrected to "1˝” (1˝ sgr. for postage beyond German frontier), and German Post (9.10) arrival back stamp.  A scarce destination and rate and a very attractive cover. SOLD
7679 #230, fine, tied by LOS ANGELES, CA, JUN 17,1893 postmark and ellipse killer on wrapper to PRAGUE, AUSTRIA (now Czech Republic), 2 different black and red Prague receivers on back, blue crayon deficiency rating. $60


7644 #158, fine strip of 4, canceled by two strikes of large, solid 6-point star Philadelphia, PA foreign mail killer (unlisted) paying a double rate to England, red 13 MY 74 London receiver on intact insurance company corner advertising envelope. $35
7636 #158x2, fair-fine copies, overpaying by 1˘ the 5˘ UPU rate to France, canceled by a F-VF strike of negative "76" year date killer, MATTAPOISETT, MA, AUG 17 postmark on VF intact cover, small tear at right. Attractive use of a patriotic killer to a foreign destination. $65


7651 #205, F-VF, sound, tied by an XF-superb SOTN strike of negative letter K within triangle within circular grid fancy killer, JACKSONVILLE, IL, MAY 19 postmark on intact cover to Sweden, docketed "Rec'd June 3rd 84".  This killer is unlisted in major references, but there are several other letter K killers known from Jacksonville, all most likely attributable to Charles Kent, postal clerk.  I have handled one other cover from this same correspondence bearing this particular K killer postmarked May 23.  An obviously rare fancy cancel.  Cover with some toning along right cover edge $125
7389 #65x2, fine, tied by BALTIMORE, MD, DEC 26 (1866) postmark and wedges killers to unreduced small cover to Porto Rico, docketed "Via New York Steamer" and "Care of Messrs. J. V. Onativia & Co., New York", New York City forwarder and sugar importer.  Scarce Caribbean destination. $100


7475 #117, fine, sound, tied by cork grid killer, WORCESTER, MASS., SEP 20 postmark, paying double the 6˘ treaty rate to England on intact cover, red New York SEP 21 exchange office postmark and 2 red London 4 OCT 69 receivers on front.  Minor corner toning from previous mounting. $195


7145 #UX5, VF, with fine #156 paying UPU card rate to Gera, Germany. Stamp and card bear two XF strikes of negative numeral 5 killer with SAVANNAH, GA, JAN 1 (1876) postmark. Red NEW YORK TRANSIT, JAN 5 and GERA receiver on front.  Interesting and unlisted killer from Savannah. $100



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