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Banknote Stamps (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7187 #158, VF, bearing an XF-superb SOTN strike of Masonic star in crescent fancy killer(Cole CR-32, but a more definitive strike than the tracing) of PITTSBURGH, PA. (Image of faulty cover from which removed.)  Stamp has small corner crease at upper left but is otherwise sound. $50


7129 #208, VF+ sound dull rose copy canceled by a VF strike of NEW YORK foreign mail double oval AUG 1888 postmark. Scott catalog $110. $60
7133 #152, fine 15 National Banknote printing pair, left stamp with small corner crease at upper left. Scarce and attractive multiple. $75


7050 #148, XF-Superb, sound, firm perfs all around, cork wedges killer. A beautiful used, well-centered example of the 6 cent Lincoln National Banknote stamp. $40
6982 #156, VF, tiny cc at LR, bearing an XF SOTN strike of New York City circular mail geometric killer (Cole GCR-138). Very attractive stamp and fancy cancel. SOLD
6993 #178, trimmed at right, canceled by an attractive negative blue US patriotic fancy killer. Stamp is thinned and has a tiny tear at upper right. $20
6992 #156, a selection of 12 used plate varieties laid out and annotated on grid paper by a collector who appreciated the "fly speck" aspect of stamp production. The "lower label" varieties are particularly nice. $50

6989 #210, fine, sound, canceled by a VF clear 75% strike of the negative skull and crossed bones killer of Greenfield, MA (Cole SK-47). Quite scarce. $50
6990 #210, fine, sound, bearing a VF-XF SOTN strike of smiling pumpkin face killer, town of origin unknown, similar to several listed face fancy cancels. $40
6879 #136, VF-XF, sound H grill stamp with light cancel and firm perforations all around. A very attractive and quality stamp. $35


6901 #152, fine, sound, bearing a superb strike of the double letter "FH" fancy killer (Cole ML-38) of Fort Howard, Wisconsin. Quite eye catching. SOLD
6902 #152, F+, sound and fresh with brilliant bright orange color, canceled by a VF strike of red NEW YORK, SEP 9 foreign mail exchange office postmark. Beautiful stamp. $80


6857 #156, fine, tiny perf faults, bearing a VF-XF SOTN strike of an OK fancy killer (Cole OK-31 of the Law. & Brad. Railroad). Nice item. $35
6758 #156, fine, canceled by VF strike of very scarce Leavitt machine killer type A-1. $5
6753 #185, F+, sound, bearing a bold and superb SOTN strike of outline 5-point star in circle killer. Based upon the ink type, I believe this to be a New Orleans fancy killer. Gorgeous fancy cancel. $50
6470 #138, VF copy, fine NYFM star killer (Weiss ST-8P2), fresh and bright. Stamp has tiny pressed out corner perf crease at lower right but is otherwise sound.  I believe that this stamp is quite possibly a #138A with scarce I grill (Scott catalog $1,400), but because the grill impression is not quite complete it might be difficult to get it certified as such.  Pretty stamp. $250
6473 #189 (possibly #163 on intermediate paper), F-VF, tiny faults, bearing an XF SOTN strike of numeral 4 in circle, a cancellation or rate mark of unknown origin. An interesting and eye-catching killer. $40

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