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Banknote Covers (#2)

Item # Description Price Picture
8092 Two registered covers, FISHKILL, N.Y. to Newark, NJ with colored postal markings: #158, #161, blue AUG 1 (1875) postmark/killers with blue "REGISTERED No. 14" and "2814" hand stamps, tear at left; #158, #179 pair, magenta MAY 2 (1878) postmark/killers with purple "REGISTERED No, 30".  Covers are intact, stamps with minor faults.  Nice pair of covers. $45

7926 #158, fine, tied by an XF strike of a large "OK" fancy killer on cover with a lightly struck, unlisted ca.1875 MANCHESTER GREEN AGT., NOV 29 RPO postmark on unreduced cover to New Jersey, small edge faults and minor toning at left. There was a Manchester Green post office (Connecticut DPO, 1886-1943).  "OK" killers on railway covers are rather scarce. $35
7780 #158, fine, sound, tied by VF+ strike of large Christian cross killer (Cole CSO-12), OBERLIN, O., SEP 14 postmark on XF intact cover to Saratoga Springs, NY. A very attractive example of this Ohio fancy cancel. $25
7904 Two VF covers postmarked Roxbury Station. #157, VF+, sound, large margins, split cork killer with ROXBURY STATION BOSTON, OCT 25 postmark on VF intact cover. #178, F+, tied by XF SOTN strike of numeral 2 ellipse, ROXBURY STATION, MASS, SEP 7 postmark, on VF cover with tiny reduction at right. $25
7816 #183, fine, tied by cork grid killer on intact cover with fine CH. & ATLA. R.P.O. F. MAIL, OCT 25, 1883 postmark (Charlotte & Atlanta RPO Fast Mail, Towle & Meyer 320-D-1), pencil docketing at left across stamp edge. $15
7630 #210, VF, SE, tear at right, tied by a VF strike of fancy top hat killer (Cole HA-20), DELHI, N.Y., JUL 18 postmark (Cole mistakenly lists as Delphi) on cover, a little rough at right, Meredith, NY, JUL 19, 1884 receiver postmark and fancy killer on reverse. SOLD
7643 #158x2, each canceled by a VF+ strike of scarce blue Christian cross in circle fancy killer (Berg GEO-16), CHICAGO, ILL., DEC 23 (1873) postmark. Cover opened roughly at right damaging rightmost stamp, other stamp VF. Printed content. $20
7476 #213, fine, sound, postmarked LONGMONT, COLO., APR 7, 1888 with stamp bearing an XF strike of a negative letter "L" within a large letter "C", representing the combined town and state names, an exceptional unlisted town initial cancel on a VF intact cover. $95
7435 #213, F+, sound, 1888 Philadelphia postmark and ellipse killer, on XF intact Mint of the United States at Philadelphia, Assay Department envelope. This Treasury Department envelope apparently used solely for correspondence to private parties, not a penalty official envelope. $15
7497 #147, fine, some perf foxing, canceled by bright red grid killer with matching [PET]ERSBURGH, O., postmark on VF intact cover with original letter. $15


7458 #206, VF, sound, tied on back of VF intact READING, MA local drop cover by a large shaded star killer (Cole STB-16) duplexed to READING, MASS., FEB 15, 1883 double ring postmark. Pretty. SOLD
7460 #210, F-VF, sound, bearing a fine SOTN strike of numeral 10 in circle obsolete rate mark used as a killer (Cole NU-64) with BOSCAWEN, N.H., OCT 8 postmark on VF intact cover, Springfield, MA, 1886 receiver on back. $25


7380 #231, fine, sound broken hat variety, tied on VF intact corner advertising cover by MONTICELLO, IND, JUN 13, 1894 postmark and duplexed solid 5-point star in crescent fancy killer, sent to Chicago (machine JUN 14 receiver).  Fancy cancels like this are exceptionally difficult to locate on 2 Columbian issue covers. SOLD

6980 #147, scissor separated at left and bottom, lightly tied by FEB 26 (1872) Boston postmark on promissory note to Bangor, ME, VF MAR 16 ADVERTISED hand stamp applied in Bangor. Quality auxiliary marking. $15


6877 #156, fine, tied by two partial strikes of blue Chicago circle of wedges geometric killer (Berg SPR-23) on intact unsealed advertising circular for The Standard, a Religious Family Newspaper, with orignal 6/1/76 flier. $15
6744 #147, VF, sound, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of a fancy split 4-point star, MACOMB, ILL postmark on fine cover to Sandusky, Ohio, neatly opened at right. Killer unlisted in major references. $25
6763 #184, VF, tied by KANAWHA C.H. [Court House], W.VA. postmark and VF-XF strike of negative numeral 2 killer on slightly reduced at left cover. Town is Kanawha County DPO, 1800-1879, an obvious late use from there. Killer is very much like Cole NU-5, unattributed. SOLD
6665 #158, VF, sound, on U161, small reduction at right, canceled by two strikes of bright purple quartered cork killers with BROOKLYN, CAL., DEC 17 postmark (DPO, Alameda County, 1855-78), colorful and scarce.  Cover opened a bit rough at right. $35



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