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Banknote Covers (#2)

Item # Description Price Picture




Four intact covers each canceled by an XF strike of a BOSTON, MASS. negative letter or numeral.  Lot priced at $32.  Any individual cover priced at $10.

#183, VF, canceled by XF strike of horizontally split letter H in circle killer, BOSTON, MASS., JUL 8 postmark, to Plymouth Union, VT, purple boxed LUDLOW, VT, JUL 9, 1880 transit postmark on back, intact corner card cover.

#207, fine, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of negative 2 in circle killer, BOSTON, MASS., AUG 24 postmark on VF intact cover.

#183, F+, tied by XF strike of negative letter T in double negative bars killer, BOSTON, MASS., FEB 15, 1882 postmark on unreduced, cover, small edge faults.

#183, VF, tied by an XF strike of negative letter S in double negative bar killer, BOSTON, MASS., MAR 2, 1882 postmark, unreduced cover, mild bend and small edge faults.


6744 #147, VF, sound, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of a fancy split 4-point star, MACOMB, ILL postmark on fine cover to Sandusky, Ohio, neatly opened at right. Killer unlisted in major references. $25
6732 #207, fine, sound, tied by an XF strike of HARTFORD, CONN geometric killer (Cole GCR-71) and JUL 10 postmark on VF cover, small reduction at right. $25


6763 #184, VF, tied by KANAWHA C.H. [Court House], W.VA. postmark and VF-XF strike of negative numeral 2 killer on slightly reduced at left cover. Town is Kanawha County DPO, 1800-1879, an obvious late use from there. Killer is very much like Cole NU-5, unattributed. $25


6863 #207, fine, tied by a VF+ wheel of fortune commercial killer with CAMILLA, GEORGIA, JAN 8, 1883 triple circle postmark (Mitchell County, 1859-)on cover to Macon, small reductions and cover faults at left. SOLD
6843 #158, VF, tied by a VF+ strike of large solid Maltese cross killer (Cole CSM-50, or similar) with PITTSBURGH, PA, JUN 29 postmark (1878 manuscript year date) on intact cover. $10
6822 #184, F-VF, sound, bearing an XF SOTN strike of solid 5-point star in circle killer (Cole STC-59) with PITTSBURGH, PA, NOV 14 postmark on intact, unreduced cover, small tear at top, original contents. SOLD
6669 #210, VF, SE, tied by VF-XF strike of numeral 2 in circle killer, FRANKFORT, KY., FEB 21 postmark on fine cover, half inch reduction at left. Docketed Feb 24, 1883 on reverse, an impossible year since stamp issued OCT 1883. $20


6665 #158, VF, sound, on U161, small reduction at right, canceled by two strikes of bright purple quartered cork killers with BROOKLYN, CAL., DEC 17 postmark (DPO, Alameda County, 1855-78), colorful and scarce.  Cover opened a bit rough at right. $35

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