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Banknote Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7182 #159, VF pair, #156, SE, paying 3 postage plus 8 registry rate from PITTSBURGH, PA to Roxbury, MA, stamps tied by VF strikes of blue straight line REGISTERED on intact cover, blue Pittsburgh postmark on intact canary envelope. $95
7197 #156 and #157, fine copies, tied by two strikes of blue CHICAGO, IL 4-bar killer (Berg type 4-B), DEC 17 postmark, on fine cover, neatly opened at right, minor tone spot at top. $25


7174 #210, fine, SE, tied by an XF strike of fancy cross in crescent Masonic killer with CHESHIRE, NY (DPO Ontario County, 1835-1908), NOV 20 (1883) postmark on intact cover (Canandaigua, NY dated transit on reverse). This fraternal design is far more scarce than the star in crescent killers used by multiple communities.  Cole lists none like this.  Whitfield lists a single example, 3233, unattributed. $150
7140 #212, fine, plus VF #213 pair tied by 3 strikes of numeral 23 large oval PHILADELPHIA, PA 3rd class mail killer on VF mailing tag, from P.P. Mast & Co, Buckeye Farm Machinery, to Gettysburg. Neat item, scarce use and rate.  Tag with unobtrusive 3/4 inch tear. $95

7111 #210, fine, canceled by simplex, undated HARTFORD, CONN. postmark paying a double 1 rate on intact, opened illustrated advertising wrapper, picturing multiple tools and hardware.  Wrapper has some minor toning at left.  Still a wonderful and scarce usage for the 2 red brown. $60
7126 #212 x 2, fine, each canceled by a bold letter L killer with HOLLY, MICH., FEB 11, 1889 postmark (Oakland County) on intact cover to Springboro, PA, back stamped FEB 12 by fancy Springboro Maltese cross postmark. $15
6716 157, fine, on wrapper with printed Grange society address, to Pennsylvania.  The stamp on this wrapper was originally identified as a double paper variety.  While the paper splits readily at the corners, it does not peal, indicating that this is a thick paper printing. $15
7075 #158, fine, sound, tied by an XF-superb strike of blue spoke and radial killer (Berg SPR-19) with matching CHICAGO, ILL, JUN 22 (1876) postmark on VF intact all over light green Mercantile Collection Agency advertising cover, a few small opening tears along top edge SOLD
7077 #158, fine, sound, tied by a F-VF+ strike of intense blue negative star with internal pentagram containing a cross (Berg NSP-3) with matching CHICAGO, ILL., 24 DEC (1873) postmark on intact canary corner advertising cover. $15


7076 #206, 2 VF stamps, cancelled SAINT PAUL, MINN, JAN 4, 1886, on VF intact yellow overall advertising cover for The Pioneer Press Company, publishing Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly. Pretty. $35


7078 #210, F-VF, small faults, grayish blue killer with matching ALB. KING & N.Y. R.P.O., JAN 1886 postmark on VF intact cover to Columbus, Ohio. $20
7027 #158, XF, single short perf, tied by an XF strike of anchor fancy killer (Whitfield 684, Cole N-11) with NASHUA, N.H. postmark on unreduced cover to Milton, NH. Two small tears and missing half of right folded panel on reverse. $65


7033 #210, F-VF+, sound, tied by XF strike of directional letter S (south) with ESSEX JC. & BOS. R.P.O., NOV 1885 10 postmark (Towle & Meyer 41-L-1) on VF canary cover to Fitzwilliam, NH. Small reduction at right affects nothing. $45
7034 #210, fine, tied by numeral 10 in circle obsolete rate killer on fine cover postmarked JERSEY, OHIO (Licking County, 1833-1907) to Findlay, OH. Cover neatly opened at right. $25


7045 #210, average, GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., SEP 30, 1884 postmark, ties to VF intact illustrated advertising cover picturing two barrels of Curtiss, Dunton & Co. Water White Oil. $35
7031 #213, fine, canceled by SOTN fancy wedge killer with VF LACEY SPRINGS, VA, APR 18, 1890 postmark (Rockingham County, 1850-) on intact cover to Topeka, KS. $25


6934 #184, fine, Foristell, MO postmark and fancy grid killer ties on cover to Collinsville, TX where an XF strike of large double ring COLLINSVILLE, GRAYSON CO., TEXAS, J.H. DOYLE, POSTMASTER, APR 19, 1881 postmark (Doane-Thompson 4085) used as receiver on reverse, WHITESBORO, TEX. transit postmark.  A terrific county and postmaster marking. $45


6980 #147, scissor separated at left and bottom, lightly tied by FEB 26 (1872) Boston postmark on promissory note to Bangor, ME, VF MAR 16 ADVERTISED hand stamp applied in Bangor. Quality auxiliary marking. $15


6876 #157, fine, tied by bold blue target with SYRACUSE, N.Y., FEB 9 postmark on local drop letter cover with fancy corner advertisement, large blue, bold RETURN TO WRITER auxiliary hand stamp across front. $35
6877 #156, fine, tied by two partial strikes of blue Chicago circle of wedges geometric killer (Berg SPR-23) on intact unsealed advertising circular for The Standard, a Religious Family Newspaper, with orignal 6/1/76 flier. $15
6914 #206, VF, on intact cover illustrated by a detailed map of the United States showing railroad routes from the city of Indianapolis, Indiana to all points, an advertisement for J. A. Everitt & Co., noted nursery and seed trade firm.  The map shows the the Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Dakota and Washington territories.  The cover is neatly opened at right and bottom. SOLD
6929 #212, VF, tied by F-VF strike of BRATTLEBORO, VT, FEB 14, 1889 postmark and duplexed letter B 9-bar ellipse killer. $15


6978 #210, fine, Chicago, IL ellipse killer and FEB 27, 1886 postmark ties to VF illustrated advertising cover for lady's corsets, picturing women with corset and cherub on her shoulder. A matching illustrated letter sheet accompanies. Cover, which is very slightly reduced at right, has additional advertising on the back.  A terrific advertising topic and period piece. SOLD
6887 #210, F+, just tied by a VF-XF strike of cork killer containing the negative letters HC (Cole ML-187) representing the initials of postmaster Horatio Clark (6/5/84-12/1/85) on VF cover, neatly opened at right with printed advertisement for churn, light BERKSHIRE, NY postmark. SOLD
6945 #210, fine, cancel by XF SOTN strike of unusual triangle in double circle geometric killer, SPENCERVILLE, MD, NOV 24 (1884) postmark on fine intact cover, tears on reverse. Killer could be Masonic, possibly a seeing eye. $10
6798 #184, fine, tied by VF strike of unusual, large purple HOLLY, MICH., JUL 14, 1879 combined postmark and killer composed of 3 bars split centrally by the date, with the town/state names at top and bottom, on VF intact cover.  A similar cover dated JAN 28, 1880 was illustrated in the February 2017 edition of the U.S. Cancellation Club News. $25

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