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Banknote Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8179 #210, F-VF, sound, CHICAGO, IL, MAY 2, 1885 postmark and duplexed ellipse ties to VF intact multicolor advertising cover, C.F. GUNTHER, confectioner, in gold letters and rays on a field of cerise and purple. Very attractive. SOLD
8124 #210x2, twice struck by TOLEDO, OH, NOV 20 postmark and target killer on VF intact 2-sided advertising cover for Genealogical Atlas, back side illustrated with map of area surrounding Toledo. Cover opened on 3 sides for display. $35

8097 A wonderful selection 13 Chicago 1870s covers, all from the well known W.W. Kimball company to J. S. White & Co., Marshall, Mich.  Each cover is in the same all over advertising design for Kimball's Pianos, Organs, Melodeons and Piano Fortes.  Each cover bears a fine or better strike of a different Chicago fancy killer (12 in blue, one in black).  Many have original dated content.  Covers have intact backs with small reductions at right.  Stamps are generally sound.  Included killers (using the Berg classifications, link to each cover image): checker board and grid CB-1(content); checker board and grid CB-31; slit line on diagonal SLD-2 (content); square of right triangles SRT-6; arrow feather AF-4 (content); arrow feather AF-5 (content); arrow feather AF-13 (content); oval OV-17 (content); oval OV-18 (content);  oval OV-20 variety; square of solid triangles SST-4 (content); four bar 4-B variety (content); black square of diagonals SOD-6 (content).  A terrific opportunity to acquire representative examples of these popular Banknote killers. $250


j0006 #158, fine, tied by an XF strike of blue large, serifed letter "D" killer with CHICAGO, ILL., MAY 24 postmark on Star Auger Co. illustrated advertising cover (small reduction at left and small sealed tear at top). This letter killer is unlisted in Berg (only a single, unverified letter "D" in circle is listed) and is obviously rare. $100
8044 #184, 2 fine copies tied by two strikes of fancy star-in-crescent fraternal symbol killer with rimless N.Y. & PITTS. R.P.O., MAR 30 railroad postmark (Towle & Meyer 203-I-5, 1880 docketing) on intact cover to Philadelphia. Scarce and unusual railroad fancy cancel. $40
7963 #147, average sound pair, tied by VF-XF blue CHICAGO & DUN. [Dunleath] R.P.O., JUN 5 postmark (Towle & Meyer 690-D-2) with matching blue shield fancy killer (Berg SHD-1) on intact cover to Montreal, Canada, back stamped, docketed 1871. $75
7957 #158, fine, tied by an VF+ strike of magenta "OK" killer (Whitfield 4928, incorrectly listed in red) with matching BATTLE CREEK, MICH., JUN 22 postmark on VF cover to Kalamazoo, 3mm reduction at left. Scarce fancy cancel. $45
7950 #UX5, VF, with fine #158, both card and stamp canceled by two VF strikes of large solid 6 point star killer with negative letter T of TITUSVILLE, PA (unlisted in major references). Printed card mailed from the Western Penn'a. Masonic Relief Association to member notifying a $2.20 assessment for the death of other association members, blue DEC 16, 1877 PAID hand stamp.  ("If you desire a receipt return this card with a 3 CENT STAMP affixed.")  Card with unusual negative machine addressing. $45
7913 #156, fine bottom margin copy, sound, tied by a F-VF strike of blue Chicago geometric killer (Berg GEO-53, reported use, 8/24-28/75) on VF unseal circular with promotion for "The Great Inter-State Exposition of Chicago 1875" on reverse. Nice. $40


7895 #210, fine, sound, tied by VF+ strike of large elaborate waving flag fancy cancel (Cole FL-4, rare), ENFIELD, CONN, JUN 10, 1885 postmark and star in circle killer on intact cover (the flag killer was always applied in addition to the duplexed star), tiny nick at upper left. This cover realized $425 plus buyer's commission in Siegel sale 1215 (12/17/2019).  One of the great fancy cancellations available for the 2 red brown issue. $400
7853 #210, fine, SE, sound, NORTHAMPTON, MASS., JUL 15 postmark with VF SOTN strike of very scarce horse head fancy killer (Cole AN-6) on fine cover, attorney corner card advertisement, barely reduced at right. Difficult item, possibly the scarcest of the Northampton fancies. $125
7930 #209 dark brown, VF, #210, F, sound copies, on VF intact peach-colored General Commission Merchant corner envelope with boxed red REGISTERED, APR 6 1887, BALTO., MD postmark. Clean. $15
7752 #156, fine, tied by VF+ strike of blue Chicago, IL fancy negative letter "A" killer (Berg NAO-6) on intact circular envelope with illustrated corner for Dr. McINTOSH'S N. U. SUPPORTER CO. $25
7680 #184, faults, F-VF strike of rare GREENSLANDING, ME (Green's Landing, DPO Hancock County 1854-97), MAR 12 elongated metal oval with screw heads postmark on fine cover, opened at right affecting stamp.  The stamp killer is a large screw head. This postmark is illustrated as Whitfield 7214 and the killer as Whitfield 2908. A nice example of this unique and very unusual postmark/killer. $95


7712 #210, VF, sound, MILFORD, DEL., SEP 8,1884 postmark on cover, black printed corner for Schr. Annie Russell, Weekly Packet Boat between Milford and Philadelphia. This is a scarce vessel name marking listed as 59 in Milgram. The cover has a repaired lower left corner.  Still, quite attractive. $45


7564 #210, fine, AUBURN, ME., MAR 9, 1887 postmark on VF illustrated advertising cover for Maple Grove Stock Farm picturing cattle, horse and pig. Contains original letter with same illustrated letterhead. Tiny cover reduction at right. Attractive. $45
7590 #158, fine, sound, tied by an XF strike of duplexed 11-bar numeral 6 ellipse killer with NEW YORK, AUG 1, 6 PM postmark on essentially intact cover with mild overall soiling. Back bears a hand-stamped Colt Firearms agent advertisement.  Scarce New York City early metal ellipse. $25

7413 #158, fine, tied by large target killer and BALTIMORE, MD., MAR 5 postmark on VF intact red overall illustrated advertising cover for Wm. Knabe & Co., Gold Medal Pianofortes, picturing a pianoforte at upper left. SOLD
7499 #206, fine, very minor perf foxing, tied by a superb strike of large star in crescent fancy killer (Cole CR-21), NORTHAMPTON, MASS., MAY 9 postmark on intact cover, minor cover edge tears at left. A beautiful example of this fancy killer. $60
7459 #210, arrow margin SE copy, tied by an XF strike of circle stylized letters "ED" (Cole ML-28) and COLDWATER, MICH., DEC 8 postmark on intact cover. The killer represents the initials of Ed R. Root, postmaster initials. SOLD
7438 #210, VF, Barre MASS, AUG 22 A.M. (1884) postmark and duplex target with additional "S" in segmented box with one extra segment at top and bottom killer (Valenti type S1, dial 2 postmark) on VF intact cover to Worcester, MA. $45
7417 #210, fine, tied by superb bold strike of circular geometric killer with VF PROVIDENCE, R.I., DEC 17 85, 4 PM Wesson TOB postmark on intact Numismatist corner advertising cover. Stamp with small perf faults from close placement to edge. $40


7288 #178, fine, Philadelphia ellipse killer, on XF fresh all over advertising cover for The Great Wedding Depot, Envelope Manufacturer, Stationer & Engraver, "Monograms Artistically Designed and Illuminated". Very pretty cover. $35
7390 #210, fine, FREEMAN, OHIO, DEC 5, 1885 postmark and star killer on intact Freeman Fire Clay sewer pipe manufacturer corner advertisement with XF illustrated letter sheet and circular (scan1scan2scan3scan4). Great illustrations. $30


7182 #159, VF pair, #156, SE, paying 3 postage plus 8 registry rate from PITTSBURGH, PA to Roxbury, MA, stamps tied by VF strikes of blue straight line REGISTERED on intact cover, blue Pittsburgh postmark on intact canary envelope. $95
7197 #156 and #157, fine copies, tied by two strikes of blue CHICAGO, IL 4-bar killer (Berg type 4-B), DEC 17 postmark, on fine cover, neatly opened at right, minor tone spot at top. $25


7174 #210, fine, SE, tied by an XF strike of fancy cross in crescent Masonic killer with CHESHIRE, NY (DPO Ontario County, 1835-1908), NOV 20 (1883) postmark on intact cover (Canandaigua, NY dated transit on reverse). This fraternal design is far more scarce than the star in crescent killers used by multiple communities.  Cole lists none like this.  Whitfield lists a single example, 3233, unattributed. $150
7140 #212, fine, plus VF #213 pair tied by 3 strikes of numeral 23 large oval PHILADELPHIA, PA 3rd class mail killer on VF mailing tag, from P.P. Mast & Co, Buckeye Farm Machinery, to Gettysburg. Neat item, scarce use and rate.  Tag with unobtrusive 3/4 inch tear. SOLD

7111 #210, fine, canceled by simplex, undated HARTFORD, CONN. postmark paying a double 1 rate on intact, opened illustrated advertising wrapper, picturing multiple tools and hardware.  Wrapper has some minor toning at left.  Still a wonderful and scarce usage for the 2 red brown. SOLD
7076 #206, 2 VF stamps, cancelled SAINT PAUL, MINN, JAN 4, 1886, on VF intact yellow overall advertising cover for The Pioneer Press Company, publishing Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly. Pretty. $35


7078 #210, F-VF, small faults, grayish blue killer with matching ALB. KING & N.Y. R.P.O., JAN 1886 postmark on VF intact cover to Columbus, Ohio. $20
7027 #158, XF, single short perf, tied by an XF strike of anchor fancy killer (Whitfield 684, Cole N-11) with NASHUA, N.H. postmark on unreduced cover to Milton, NH. Two small tears and missing half of right folded panel on reverse. $65



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