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Auxiliary Postal Markings (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8278 #114, fine, sound, tied on VF intact cover by VF+ strike of unlisted shamrock killer of NEW YORK CITY, NOV 3 postmark, to Richmond, VA (NOV 4 receiver on reverse).  The cover bears a 2-line Richmond auxiliary hand stamp, “HAVE YOUR LETTERS DIRECTED TO YOUR STREET AND NUMBER”. Extremely scarce fancy killer on a very nice cover with additional markings. $100
8041 #147x2, fine, tiny faults, black cork killers, NASHVILLE, TENN., MAY 27 postmark, red NEW YORK, MAY 30 exchange office postmark, red 10 JU 72 London, England receiver on small, intact cover, minor edge faults. This cover may hold a record for the amount of time between posting and the date recorded at the Dead Letter Office.  On reverse is stamped a magenta AUG 18, 1879 DLO triangle, a period in excess of 7 years after the letter posted.  Also on reverse is a note in red ink (probably applied by a postal clerk) reading, "This letter is reported to have been collected from Street Letter Box at Louisville Ky. on the night of August - 5/79."  Clearly the cover had reached London, England in normal course.  Yet, there is no evidence in the way of cover markings to indicate any issues delivering the letter.  So, how did it wind up 7 years later in a Louisville, Kentucky letter box (presumably unopened)?  A wonderful philatelic mystery. SOLD

7677 #73, lower left corner fault, SAINT LOUIS, MO local cover, fancy leaf killer, partial strike of “MAY 20 ADVERTISED” plus an XF strike of very scarce oval "HAVE YOUR LETTERS DIRECTED TO YOUR STREET & NUMBER". This intact cover was then forwarded to Lockhaven Station, Westmoreland Co., Penna. A very nice Blackjack use despite the stamp fault. SOLD
7681 #94, faults, tied by CHICAGO, IL, DEC 1 postmark on small cover, sent to Constitution, OH, misdirected to Constantine (probably Michigan), partial blue CONSTANTINE postmark and killer, VF blue matching "MISSENT AND FORWARDED" auxiliary mark. $15
7457 #220, fine, sound, SPRINGFIELD, MASS., OCT 29, 92 postmark and ellipse on cover to Concord, NH, where it was stamped ADVERTISED, NOV 14, 1892. Cover bears #J22 twice struck by CONCORD, NOV 22, 1892 postmark, paying the advertising fee. $30
6491 #65, fine, XF SOTN small star killer, with WATERTOWN, ?? postmark on small cover to St. Joseph, MO, fine ST. JOSEPH MO ADVERTISED, OCT 4 double circle auxiliary postmark (Whitfield 7223). Scarce marking. $45


6980 #147, scissor separated at left and bottom, lightly tied by FEB 26 (1872) Boston postmark on promissory note to Bangor, ME, VF MAR 16 ADVERTISED hand stamp applied in Bangor. Quality auxiliary marking. $15


6724 #U159, fine intact entire, postmarked Belfast, ME, APR 7 to Boston, received back stamp APR 8. Dated ADV. IN BOSTON, MASS. APR 15 postmark (scarce) and UNCLAIMED in circle, with blue letter G applied by DLO (corresponding to the first letter of the addressee's last, last name, Green). BOSTON, MASS., MAY 20 back stamp, probable DLO marking.  A very nice example of Advertised mail. SOLD

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