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Advertising Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8260 #U282, VF intact manila 2 entire, BOSTON, MASS. AUG 2 1887 postmark, with very scarce early multicolor advertising (3 colors: red, gold, green) for HECKER'S WHEAT GRANULES cereal. Very attractive. $75


8179 #210, F-VF, sound, CHICAGO, IL, MAY 2, 1885 postmark and duplexed ellipse ties to VF intact multicolor advertising cover, C.F. GUNTHER, confectioner, in gold letters and rays on a field of cerise and purple. Very attractive. SOLD
8124 #210x2, twice struck by TOLEDO, OH, NOV 20 postmark and target killer on VF intact 2-sided advertising cover for Genealogical Atlas, back side illustrated with map of area surrounding Toledo. Cover opened on 3 sides for display. $35

8009 #114, F-VF on XF two-sided advertising cover, MACON, GA, JAN 27 postmark. Corner advertises National Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Cover back displays extensive text advertisement for Western & Atlantic Railway, including a picture of a "Bee" ("[Be] sure your tickets read via Western & Atlantic Railway!").  A beautiful advertising cover (small unobtrusive boxed "H C Bauer" former owner hand stamp on front.) SOLD

8086 #114, fair-fine, sound, tied by quartered cork killer, BALTIMORE, MD, DEC 23 postmark on VF advertising cover for Wilhelm's Hotel & Drove Yard picturing horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. Terrific design, great eye appeal. Just reduced at left. SOLD
8039 #161, fine, tiny faults, SOTN crossroads killer and TOMPKINSVILLE, NY, JUN 5 (1878) postmark on VF intact all over Bensiger Brothers church goods advertising cover picturing a chalice.  Stamp, while not tied, clearly belongs, paying double 5 UPU rate to Switzerland, Einsiedeln 18 VI 78 receiver back stamp. $65

7974 #65, XF, tied by an XF strike of double ring PORTLAND, ME, AUG 7 1862 postmark on VF International House patriotic illustrated hotel advertising cover to "[Surveyor] Gen'l I. [Isaac] S. Small, Wales, Main [sic]". Cover has a small reduction at right, is otherwise intact and fresh.  Pretty cover. SOLD
8035 #210, VF, sound, PHILADELPHIA 1885 postmark and ellipse killer, on intact double-sided hardware advertising cover.  Ice skate illustration on front, meat grinder ("Enterprise Meat Choppers") on reverse. Small tear above stamp.  Attractive, scarce topics. SOLD

7991 #11A, 2 fine copies, tied by blue PORTLAND, ME., OCT 4 postmark on unreduced, essentially intact cover to New York City. Cover back with illustration (vertical image) of building for H.H. HAY, APOTHECARY & DRUGGIST. Great early medical/pharmacist advertising. $50

7886 Stampless envelope, VF and intact with a few tiny age spots, VF PORTLAND, Me., 10 SEP internal rate 5 cents unpaid postmark (circa 1850), cover with a VF illustrated insurance agent advertisement picturing a rising phoenix.  Illustrated advertising covers from this period are scarce. SOLD
7669 #U277 entire, reduced at right and a bit soiled, with CINCINNATI, O, MAY 26, 1887 postmark and ellipse killer, with a terrific gold, blue, red and black multicolor advertisement for FLEISCHMANN'S PURE RYE GIN. The indicia of the entire is not the typical brown color. It may be faded, but it is definitely more olive or grayish than the Scott listed color. Cover has heavy soiling and a PORTSMOUTH, [??] receiver on reverse.  Still, a very scarce and colorful early liquor advertising cover. $30
7564 #210, fine, AUBURN, ME., MAR 9, 1887 postmark on VF illustrated advertising cover for Maple Grove Stock Farm picturing cattle, horse and pig. Contains original letter with same illustrated letterhead. Tiny cover reduction at right. Attractive. $45
7590 #158, fine, sound, tied by an XF strike of duplexed 11-bar numeral 6 ellipse killer with NEW YORK, AUG 1, 6 PM postmark on essentially intact cover with mild overall soiling. Back bears a hand-stamped Colt Firearms agent advertisement.  Scarce New York City early metal ellipse. $25

7413 #158, fine, tied by large target killer and BALTIMORE, MD., MAR 5 postmark on VF intact red overall illustrated advertising cover for Wm. Knabe & Co., Gold Medal Pianofortes, picturing a pianoforte at upper left. SOLD
7325 #U379, XF and fresh, intact 1 Franklin entire, canceled QUITMAN, GA., JUN 22, 1907, illustrated by a bi-color black Jim Crow racist caricature of an elderly black man cutting watermelon for black children. Unsealed circular mailing contained melon quotations.  A highly desirable addition to any collection on Black History or related. SOLD
7288 #178, fine, Philadelphia ellipse killer, on XF fresh all over advertising cover for The Great Wedding Depot, Envelope Manufacturer, Stationer & Engraver, "Monograms Artistically Designed and Illuminated". Very pretty cover. $35
7390 #210, fine, FREEMAN, OHIO, DEC 5, 1885 postmark and star killer on intact Freeman Fire Clay sewer pipe manufacturer corner advertisement with XF illustrated letter sheet and circular (scan1scan2scan3scan4). Great illustrations. $30


7111 #210, fine, canceled by simplex, undated HARTFORD, CONN. postmark paying a double 1 rate on intact, opened illustrated advertising wrapper, picturing multiple tools and hardware.  Wrapper has some minor toning at left.  Still a wonderful and scarce usage for the 2 red brown. SOLD
7076 #206, 2 VF stamps, cancelled SAINT PAUL, MINN, JAN 4, 1886, on VF intact yellow overall advertising cover for The Pioneer Press Company, publishing Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly. Pretty. $35


6910 #65, fair-fine, sound, tied by double circle NEW YORK, JUN 15 postmark and grid killer on XF intact advertising cover with red embossed cameo for Taylor's International Hotel & Saloons. Very attractive cover. SOLD
6588 #11, VF, sound 4 margin copy, tied by triple-bar New York, OCT 31 postmark on fine, illustrated advertising lettersheet picturing screw wrenches (image), C.C. Spring & Co., Worcester, MA. Scarce and attractive. $95

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