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Advertising Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7198 #207, fine, BOSTON negative 11 killer and OCT 11 postmark on VF bi-color advertising cover for ALVAH WALKER & CO. dealer in Sperm, Lard, Spindle, Mecca and Lubricating OILS. Nice petroleum cover, barely reduced at right. $25
7041 #26, scissor separated on 4 sides, tied by partial PHILADELPHIA, PA postmark on XF intact embossed corner advertising cover, Bowman, France & Logan, wholesale grocers. $30
7076 #206, 2 VF stamps, cancelled SAINT PAUL, MINN, JAN 4, 1886, on VF intact yellow overall advertising cover for The Pioneer Press Company, publishing Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly. Pretty. $35


7045 #210, average, GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., SEP 30, 1884 postmark, ties to VF intact illustrated advertising cover picturing two barrels of Curtiss, Dunton & Co. Water White Oil. $35
6952 #246, VF, tied by PHILADELPHIA, PA numeral 22 double oval on intact advertising circular for HOFFMAN, CORKRAN & CO. LION MILLS, illustrated with a lion standing over coiled rope and a hammock. $25
6914 #206, VF, on intact cover illustrated by a detailed map of the United States showing railroad routes from the city of Indianapolis, Indiana to all points, an advertisement for J. A. Everitt & Co., noted nursery and seed trade firm.  The map shows the the Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Dakota and Washington territories.  The cover is neatly opened at right and bottom. SOLD
6978 #210, fine, Chicago, IL ellipse killer and FEB 27, 1886 postmark ties to VF illustrated advertising cover for lady's corsets, picturing women with corset and cherub on her shoulder. A matching illustrated letter sheet accompanies. Cover, which is very slightly reduced at right, has additional advertising on the back.  A terrific advertising topic and period piece. SOLD
6887 #210, F+, just tied by a VF-XF strike of cork killer containing the negative letters HC (Cole ML-187) representing the initials of postmaster Horatio Clark (6/5/84-12/1/85) on VF cover, neatly opened at right with printed advertisement for churn, light BERKSHIRE, NY postmark. SOLD
6910 #65, fair-fine, sound, tied by double circle NEW YORK, JUN 15 postmark and grid killer on XF intact advertising cover with red embossed cameo for Taylor's International Hotel & Saloons. Very attractive cover. $60
6873 #26, fine, Boston PAID in grid killer with red BOSTON, Ms, APR 3, 1860 postmark on VF intact advertising cover, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, great map of globe illustration. $40
6820 #65, avg, tied by PHILADELPHIA, PA postmark and cork killer on intact corner advertising cover with overall reverse broadside advertising for Philadelphia Business Houses. Cover with minor overall toning. $20

6734 #94, fine, CLEVELAND, O, AUG 8 postmark and grid cork killer, on VF all over illustrated advertising cover for W.G. Wilson & Co., manufacturer of Star Shuttle Sewing Machine. Small cover reduction at left. SOLD
6740 #65, fine, tied by New York City grid killer on unreduced canary advertising cover with embossed red Fish Merchants corner, cover with with 80 percent of its back flap. Pretty. $20
6742 #210, fine, BOSTON, MASS, MAR 6, 1884, 12:30 PM TOB postmark with numeral 9 vertical ellipse killer on VF advertising cover for "OBLITERATOR" for removing Small-Pox Marks of however long standing. Very unusual topic. $15
6685 #113, fine, sound, not tied but clearly belonging on VF 2-sided advertising cover for Union Steam Coffee & Spice Mills, Philadelphia, Weikel & Smith Spice Co., proprietors. Spices for family and medical use. Beautiful, bold advertisement.  Gengazo is mix of Jamaican ginger, sugar, water and spices, a precursor to the patent medicine ("Jake") of the late 19th century that added alcohol. SOLD

6588 #11, VF, sound 4 margin copy, tied by triple-bar New York, OCT 31 postmark on fine, illustrated advertising lettersheet picturing screw wrenches (image), C.C. Spring & Co., Worcester, MA. Scarce and attractive. $95
6574 #26, VF, barely tied by partial HARRISBURG, PA postmark on VF intact newspaper advertising cover for the Daily & Weekly Telegraph, neat blue lettering across the cover top. Attractive. $50
6512 #114, fine, tied by WOOSTER, O killer on VF intact illustrated advertising cover picturing a photo album, for Teeple's New Photograph Gallery. Scarce, desirable, and early example of photography topic. Nice. SOLD
6690 #252, fine, Boston South End A, MASS., 1895 flag cancel ties to XF illustrated advertising cover for H.F. Sparrow, Cambridgeport, picturing 4 sparrow birds eating a box of chocolates. A beautiful confectioner advertising cover. $30
6689 #249, VF, sound, Philadelphia, PA 1895 machine killer ties to XF illustrated advertising cover for F. Middleton & Co. picturing boxes of different coffees and teas. Attractive. $20
6688 #279B, VF, SE, Louisville, KY 1898 Barry machine killer, fine illustrated advertising cover for S. Grabfelder & Co. Kentucky Whiskies. Nice distillery and spirits advertising, small reduction at right. $20


6691 #319, fine, New York, NY Sta. G 1907 postmark, on fine illustrated advertising cover for Times Square Automobile Co., picturing the company's building with signs ("New and Slightly Used Automobiles", "Everything Pertaining to Automobiles"). Early automobile advertising. $25
6692 #406, fine, Providence, RI 1913 flag cancel ties to VF illustrated advertising cover for Walnut Garage, picturing a high end convertible coach coach automobile. Quite attractive. $25
6686 #U311, VF intact entire, small tear at top left, illustrated advertising cover for Beals, Torrey & Co., boots and shoes manufacture, Milwaukee, WI, picturing a kangaroo ("Buy Kangaroo Shoes"). Unusual illustration, 1890 use. $25

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