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New York Foreign Mail (NYFM)

A Consignment of Part of One Man's Collection




Each stamp in this NYFM consignment is now available at a 20 percent discount from its posted price.  This is a great buying opportunity!  Do not wait.  No further discounts will be taken and your chance to take advantage of these reduced prices will last no longer than until the end of 2010.

I am excited to offer the discriminating customers of The Classic Cancel a large and magnificent new selection of NYFM cancellations on off-cover stamps.   These killers used by the New York City post office in the 1870s on mail to foreign destinations have long attracted collectors.  The combination of wonderful artistry, availability across the entire range of stamp values, and relative scarcity makes NYFMs one of the most popular areas of cancellation collecting.

Twenty-three new pages of stamps await you.  They are arranged in accordance with the classification system established by William Weiss, Jr. in his important 1990 book, The Foreign Mail Cancellations of New York City 1870-1878.  Within that, the stamps are arranged by notional value (1c-90c).  You will find all values represented, including strikes on the difficult 90c value.  There are plenty of strikes in red on various values, and you will also find a number of strikes on stamp multiples.  Perhaps most importantly, the overall quality of the strikes offered is excellent.  Some of these stamps actually are illustrated in the Weiss book.  All stamp images are presented as thumbnails.  Click the image for an enlarged scan.  Direct access to any page may be obtained by clicking the appropriate page number at top.

Pricing and Condition:  Stamps are priced according to several factors.  To the cancellation collector the quality of the strike is pre-eminent.  This is tempered by the scarcity of the particular killer and the notional value of the stamp on which struck.  Stamp centering, freshness and soundness are all important.  However, customers should note that most stamps offered will have small faults unless specifically noted as sound.  Many of the stamps have certificates that may note faults.  Minor faults should not bother the NYFM cancellation collector.  The search for the combination of perfect stamp with perfect strike will leave you very frustrated.

Enter and Enjoy!