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New York Foreign Mail (NYFM) Cancellations (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8154 #154, F-VF+, small corner crease at lower left, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of NYFM fancy killer (Weiss TR-W5) and partial red exchange office postmark. A terrific looking NYFM on high value Banknote stamp. $100
8157 #161, VF, sound, canceled by a VF+ strike of NYFM star fancy killer (Weiss ST-MP1). Attractive. $40
8174 #179, fine, sound, tied by bold VF-XF strike of NYFM large circle of wedges killer (Weiss TR-W14) on VF intact cover to France, red JUN 10 exchange office postmark, blue JUN 76 French receiver. Cover unlisted in Weiss census. $85
8024 #160, VF, sound and fresh, canceled by a VF+ strike of NYFM fancy geometric killer (Weiss type GE-C7). Pretty stamp. $60
8004 #UX3, F-VF, sound, with #145 paying the 2¢ postal card rate to Bern, Switzerland. Cover bears an XF strike of NYFM TR-W13C 8-wedge killer and two different red NEW YORK, AUG 20 exchange office postmarks, Basel 3 IX 74 front receiver, Grafenried and Bern 6 IX 74 receivers on reverse. Card unlisted in Weiss census. SOLD
7703 #150 pair, fine, tied on piece by black NEW YORK * *, SEP 18 (1873) postmark duplexed to a VF strike of scarce NYFM negative letter H in serrated circle killer (Weiss RE-L2). Weiss lists only 6 covers bearing this killer.  Desirable combination of multiple and scarce NYFM fancy cancel. SOLD
7682 #150, F+, sound, tied on VF external FLS to Vera Cruz, Mexico, docketed p "City of Llerida", JAN 28 (1871) postmark (verified by internal docketing), stamp duplexed and canceled by 6-bar NYFM killer (Weiss style TR-G10-10a). $30
7519 #149, VF, minor faults, bearing an XF SOTN strike of scarce NYFM killer (Weiss TR-M6). $75
7310 #179, fine, tied by XF strike of NYFM large 8-segment wedge killer (Weiss TR-W13D), red NEW YORK exchange office OCT 7 postmarkto Palermo, Italy, back stamped 20 OCT 76.  This exchange mark is unlisted in major references.  It appears to have been created by removing the credit value at top from between "NEW" and "YORK" and the "P.D." (payé à destination) from the bottom.  Not unexpected given that the U.P.U. rendered such credit marks no longer necessary. Cover is VF and intact. SOLD
7128 #165, F+, sound, firm perfs all around, bearing an XF-superb strike of NYFM star geometric killer (Weiss GE-EP 9) and partial red exchange office postmark at left edge. A gorgeous high value NYFM fancy cancel, ex-Kirke. $250


7088 #149, fine, sound, bearing a VF+ SOTN strike of rare NYFM negative NYPO ("New York Post Office") killer (Weiss RE-L4). As often the case with the few known examples of this rare killer that was used for only a short period, the letter N is partially filled in due to rapid deterioration.  The letters "YPO" are quite distinct.  Ex-Kirke. SOLD
7081 #152, VF+, sound, brilliant vermilion color, canceled by a VF strike of a bright red crossroads killer (Weiss NYFM TR-C1 family). A gorgeous stamp. SOLD
7089 #153, F-VF, sound, bearing a VF strike of rare NYFM negative NYPO ("New York Post Office") killer (Weiss RE-L4). As often the case with the few known examples of this rare killer, the letter N is partially filled in due to rapid deterioration over the killer's short period of use.  The letters "YPO" are all readily discernible.  Ex-Kirke. $250
7087 #155, F-VF+, sound, bearing an XF-superb strike of very scarce NYFM killer (Weiss TR-M6) framing Perry's portrait. An exceptional example of this NYFM and incredibly scarce on the 90¢ Banknote value.  Beautiful stamp.  Ex-Kirke $325


7086 #159 block of 4, fine and intact with small corner crease at upper left, canceled by three fine strikes of NYFM geometric killer (Weiss GE-C7).Used blocks with fancy NYFM killers are extremely scarce. A great piece!  Ex-Kirke. SOLD
5652 #161, F-VF, sound, tied by VF-XF strike of scarce NYFM geometric killer (Weiss GE-EN5) on VF, fresh, unreduced cover to France, VF red NEW YORK MAR 24 PAID exchange office date stamp, 1875 French receiving. This cover is not included in the Weiss census, which listed only 11 covers, including only one other 10¢ cover.  One quarter of back flap missing, but an otherwise very clean and attractive cover. SOLD
4107 #148, straddle margin copy, small faults, tied by XF strike of rare NYFM cross killer (Weiss TR-M5) on intact cover to Prussia.  Cover is postmarked FEB 12, 1873, verified by original correspondence.  The stamp pays the 6 cent NGU direct rate via Bremen.  Weiss reported only five covers with this killer, including only one other with the 6 cent National Lincoln (illustrated page 449 of Weiss, this cover being unlisted and having a superior strike of TR-M5).  Cover has a tiny fault at top left corner.  A wonderful example of a rare NYFM killer. $400


3443 #150, fine, tied by fine strike of NYFM grid killer, Weiss type TR-G36 showing the distinctive notch at middle edge, on VF FLS to Holland, NEW YORK PAID ALL DEC 26 (1872), back stamped AMSTERDAM 8 JAN 73. Attractive. $150



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