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Civil War / Confederate States Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8132 Stampless envelope bearing a VF strike of Union "SOLDIERS LETTER 24TH REGT MASS. VOL. N.E.G." hand stamp (Milgram type CERT-10) with U.S. SHIP 3 CTS. in circle (of New York or Old Point Comfort) rating, sent to Wenham, MA. The N.E.G. abbreviation stands for "New England Guard". The envelope is VF and essentially intact with the barest of reduction at left. A very pretty Civil War piece of soldiers mail. SOLD
7804 Stampless envelope bearing a VF blue SANDERSVILLE, Ga., AUG 21 (1861) postmark and XF matching italic 10 over PAID. This cover was sent to Alexander Stevens, Vice President of the CSA. Notes on back of the cover indicate that it contained a request from Dr. Horatio N. Hollifield seeking appointment in Confederate States service.  [Dr. Hollifield was a notable published physician who edited the Georgia Medical and Surgical Encyclopedia (1860). He served as Captain/Surgeon and commanded Battery Light Artillery in the 59th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry.] Attractive Georgia Confederate States stampless valued at $300 in Kaufmann, Crown and Palazolo. SOLD
7363 #65, fine, SE, tied by Old Point Comfort, OCT 6 postmark on unreduced overall illustrated patriotic cover picturing FORTRESS MONROE in blue (Weiss SC-NB 28, Wolcott 766). Very scarce, listed at $800 in Bischel sale.  SOLD
7726 #26, F+, sound, tied by simplex 9-bar open grid killer with VF double circle TROY, N.Y., MAY 30 (1861) postmark on VF intact patriotic envelope with large, long pole right-facing flag without verse (Weiss F-R 276). Pretty cover. $85
7397 #65, average, tied by Boston, MA, NOV 14 postmark and quartered cork killer on VF intact Civil War Union patriotic cover featuring a right-facing flag with verse (Weiss F-R-311, Walcott L-22983). Quite attractive. $60
7552 CSA #1, VF sound pair tied by YORKTOWN, VA postmark on VF intact cover sent to Henry L. Jewett, Esq., Macon, GA. Mr. Jewett was a prominent Macon businessman and during the war was in charge of the office of the State Hospital. SOLD
7553 CSA #4b, milky blue, VF sound pair, stone 2, tied by light but readable CAMDEN, S.C. double ring postmark on VF intact adversity cover  The envelope was created from a form used by the Merchants Bank of South Carolina, Cheraw, and was sent to W. F. B. Haynsworth, a prominent Sumter, S.C. businessman.  2020 Philatelic Foundation certificate, "Genuine Usage". SOLD
7462 CSA #7, VF pair with frame just touching at upper right, tied by blue COLUMBIA, ??, JAN 21 postmark on VF cover to John Perkins, Jr., M.C. (Louisiana, Confederate House of Representative) at Richmond, VA, just reduced at left. Penciled "J.A. Fox" on back. $85
7411 Confederate States of America #2-P, light blue Paterson printing, XF large margin copy, tiny edge faults, tied on VF fresh, intact cover by part WILMINGTON, NC postmark, mailed to Pittsboro, NC. (Kaufman, Crown, Palazolo: catalog $450) $250

7337 Confederate States #11, VF-XF, sound copy, tied by fine RICHMOND, VA postmark on VF intact cover to Petersburg, Virginia. Attractive cover. $120



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