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Blackjack 1861-67 Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8329 #73, average-fine, sound, tied by a VF red incised 8-point star geometric fancy killer and NEW YORK CITY 22 JUN (1867) postmark on XF intact FLS local delivery mail, business letter content. Scarce and attractive Blackjack usage. SOLD
7897 #73, fine, tied by an XF strike of fancy blue multi-crossroads killer with matching NEW YORK CITY, DEC 26 postmark on VF intact local drop letter. Attractive. SOLD
7922 #73, average, sound, tied on VF intact unsealed circular envelope by scarce patent killer composed of cutting circle surrounded by small wedges (Skinner-Eno PN-F 21/22), BUFFALO, N.Y., JUN 26, 1865 postmark. Due to the placement of the killer the cutting circle acts as a peephole for Jackson's left eye. SOLD
7677 #73, lower left corner fault, SAINT LOUIS, MO local cover, fancy leaf killer, partial strike of “MAY 20 ADVERTISED” plus an XF strike of very scarce oval "HAVE YOUR LETTERS DIRECTED TO YOUR STREET & NUMBER". This intact cover was then forwarded to Lockhaven Station, Westmoreland Co., Penna. A very nice Blackjack use despite the stamp fault. SOLD
7685 #93, average, sound, tied by large, thick Maltese cross fancy killer with light Philadelphia carrier postmark on VF intact corner advertising cover for J.V. Pullaway, Paper Hangings and Window Shades. Killer unlisted in major references. $40
7560 #93, VF, sound, canceled by a small blue quartered cork killer with matching blue CARRIER, JAN 10, 1 ST. (1869) PHILADELPHIA, PA postmark on intact cover, minor tone spots, original content. This is an uncommon postmark that specifies the carrier delivery (1st) on which the item went out for delivery. $60
7155 #73, average, tied by quartered cork killer on small, printed wrapper addressed to Postmaster, Eugenia, Ontario, Canada. Scarce and attractive use of the Blackjack. SOLD
7042 #73, fine, tied by an XF strike of fancy black wedges killer on intact unsealed canary circular envelope to Sandusky, OH. $40
6951 #73, well centered, tiny perf faults, tied by an XF strike of large blue circle of 8 wedges killer (almost certainly of New York City) on intact unsealed canary cover, stamp paying the circular rate. Very attractive Blackjack cover. $85
6488 #73, fine, tied by XF strike 6-bar rectangular killer of DETROIT, MICHIGAN on VF printed, folded tobacco advertising circular to Peoria, IL.  (Image of printed circular.) $60

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