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1869 Issues, Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8278 #114, fine, sound, tied on VF intact cover by VF+ strike of unlisted shamrock killer of NEW YORK CITY, NOV 3 postmark, to Richmond, VA (NOV 4 receiver on reverse).  The cover bears a 2-line Richmond auxiliary hand stamp, “HAVE YOUR LETTERS DIRECTED TO YOUR STREET AND NUMBER”. Extremely scarce fancy killer on a very nice cover with additional markings. $100
8303 #114, fine, tied by a VF-XF strike of large incised star of David with hollow center fancy killer (unlisted in major references), NEW YORK AUG 7 postmark on cover neatly opened at right. Only the 2nd example of this killer that I have encountered, both AUG 7 uses, suggesting that this fancy killer had a short life span. $65
8172 #113, 2˘ 1869 issue, right pane pos. 91 SE arrow margin copy, tied on intact drop letter cover by SAN FRANCISCO crossroads killer. A terrific position piece, sound and fine. $65


8141 #114, fine, sound, canceled by a VF+ strike of small, simplex outline star of David fancy killer, OGLESBY, IL, APR 26 postmark (La Salle County 1866-) on intact lady's cover (embossed "B" on back) to Geneva Lake, WI. $30
8009 #114, F-VF on XF two-sided advertising cover, MACON, GA, JAN 27 postmark. Corner advertises National Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Cover back displays extensive text advertisement for Western & Atlantic Railway, including a picture of a "Bee" ("[Be] sure your tickets read via Western & Atlantic Railway!").  A beautiful advertising cover (small unobtrusive boxed "H C Bauer" former owner hand stamp on front.) SOLD

8086 #114, fair-fine, sound, tied by quartered cork killer, BALTIMORE, MD, DEC 23 postmark on VF advertising cover for Wilhelm's Hotel & Drove Yard picturing horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. Terrific design, great eye appeal. Just reduced at left. SOLD
7779 #114, fine, bearing an XF SOTN strike of fancy spiral killer (Skinner-Eno SD-S 4) with XF CAZENOVIA, N.Y., JAN 17 postmark on VF cover, tiny reduction at left, docketed "Rec'd Jan 17-70". Stamp with small corner crease at bottom right. SOLD
7766 #114, fine, sound, tied by an XF strike of a 3 leaf shamrock fancy killer on VF intact small lady's cover postmarked CHICAGO, ILL., NOV 6 (1869). Blue C.E. Hartung & Co., New York receiver. Terrific fancy cancel. $125
7765 #114, 2 fine, sound copies paying the 6˘ rate to Gosport P.O., Ontario, Canada, CHICAGO, ILL., MAY 18 postmark, each stamp canceled by a bold strike of pinwheel/cross killer, unlisted in major references.  Cover neatly opened at left. Great eye appeal. $100
7767 #114, average, sound copy, tied by a VF-XF strike of negative 6-point star of David surrouned by circle fancy killer, FIVE CORNERS, N.Y., JUN 14 postmark (DPO Cayuga 1828-1907) on XF intact cover. Killer unlisted in major references. $75


7751 #114, 2 VF-XF copies, tied by blue quartered cork killer with matching PHILAD'A. PA, APR 25 (1869) postmark, on VF intact wholesale dry goods corner advertising cover, dated content. Early use for issue (EKU Mar. 27, 1869). $30
7659 #114, F-VF+, sound, tied by VF+ strike of rare "shoe fly" killer (Skinner-Eno PA-Is 6), TOLEDO, O., APR 11 postmark, on VF and fresh local cover. Quarter inch reduction at left in no way detracts from this wonderful 1869 issue fancy cancellation cover. SOLD

7715 #114, fine, tied by VF strike of C. & SAVANNAH R.R postmark (Towle & Meyer 350-B-1), Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA via SAVANNAH & CHARLESTON R.R., on VF intact all over Office Clerk Supreme Court, State of Alabama cover.  Noted on reverse as discovery copy of this railroad postmark.  Nice cover. SOLD
7705 #114, fine, sound, tied on unreduced cover by an XF blue strike of ATLANTA & CHATTA. RPO railroad postmark (Towle & Meyer 357-F-1, Chattanooga, TN to Atlanta, GA via Western & Atlantic R.R.) and cork killer, to Stock Creek, VA. Small corner fault at lower left and minor docketing.  Cover part of the Charles L. Towle Railway Marking reference collection (reference card scan).  Attractive. $50
7658 #114, fine, small corner bend at upper right, tied by an XF strike of letter C fancy killer (Skinner-Eno LS-C 5), representing the town name, CAMDEN, N.Y., MAY 31 postmark (Oneida County 1807-) on VF intact canary cover to Michigan, docketed 1869. $75
7691 #114, fine, SE, tied by an XF strike of unlisted negative letter B in wedges killer with DETROIT, MICH., AUG 31 postmark on VF RUSSELL HOUSE hotel corner advertisement cover, barely reduced at left. Pretty. SOLD
7475 #117, fine, sound, tied by cork grid killer, WORCESTER, MASS., SEP 20 postmark, paying double the 6˘ treaty rate to England on intact cover, red New York SEP 21 exchange office postmark and 2 red London 4 OCT 69 receivers on front.  Minor corner toning from previous mounting. $195


7601 #114, fine, sound, tied by red grid killer and matching YAZOO CITY, MISS., FEB 15 postmark (Yazoo County 1839-) on cover neatly opened at top, small minor cover stain on left edge. Scarce color killer. $30
7455 #114, average, tied by a VF strike (inverted) of negative OK killer (Skinner-Eno LC-OK 30) with BALLSTON, N.Y., AUG 28 double ring postmark on F-VF canary cover neatly opened at left. $20
7366 #114, fine, tied by very unusual geometric killer composed of 6 trimmed exterior circles around a central circle, HAZLETON, PA postmark. Cover with W.C. No. 91, P.O.S. of A. corner (Washington Camp #91, Patriotic Order Sons of America [reference]). $45


7222 #114, F+, just tied by a superb strike of patriotic shield killer (Skinner-Eno PS-S 1), BRIDGEPORT, CT, DEC 14 postmark on VF cover, 8 mm reduction at left, ex-Judge Fay collection (owner's back stamp).  Stamp with light corner crease at upper left. Great fancy cancel. SOLD
7711 #114, fine, tied by VF+ strike of 4-bar patriotic shield fancy killer with light HATCHVILLE, MASS. postmark (DPO Barnstable County, 1858-1972) on F-VF cover to Fall River. Killer unlisted in major references. Barely reduced at left, some foxing on back. $50

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