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1869 Issues, Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7222 #114, F+, sound, just tied by a superb strike of patriotic shield killer (Skinner-Eno PS-S 1), BRIDGEPORT, CT, DEC 14 postmark on VF cover, 8 mm reduction at left, ex-Judge Fay collection (owner's back stamp). Great fancy cancel. $175
6875 #114, VF strip of 3 + single, canceled CHICAGO, IL, DEC 17 (1869), on small intact cover to Dublin, Ireland, back stamped with scarce packet marking, H&R PACT, A, JA 2, 9, 1870. SOLD

6821 #114, fine, sound, tied by a superb, bold strike of a 5-point negative star killer with PHILADELPHIA, AUG 27 postmark on corner advertising cover, small reduction at right. This stunning star killer is unlisted in major references. $50


6685 #113, fine, sound, not tied but clearly belonging on VF 2-sided advertising cover for Union Steam Coffee & Spice Mills, Philadelphia, Weikel & Smith Spice Co., proprietors. Spices for family and medical use. Beautiful, bold advertisement.  Gengazo is mix of Jamaican ginger, sugar, water and spices, a precursor to the patent medicine ("Jake") of the late 19th century that added alcohol. SOLD

6611 #114, fine, sound, tied by an XF-superb strike of large, negative triangle geometric killer with AUG 16 New York City postmark on VF intact cover. Killer is unlisted in Skinner-Eno.  It is possibly Masonic, similar to Putnam, CT GE-T 19.  A single other example of this killer on cover is reported postmarked AUG 20.  A beauty. SOLD
6571 #114, VF, tied by an XF strike of fancy blue cross killer (Skinner-Eno CR-M 7) on a VF intact, fresh small cover, ALBANY, GA, MAY 11 (1870) postmark, original content. Stamp with invisible pre-affixing tear BR. Exceptionally attractive. $50


6615 #114, fine, sound, tied by red cork killer and matching red STAMFORD, CT., SEP 27 postmark on VF, fresh small cover, neatly opened at right. Nice. SOLD
6512 #114, fine, tied by WOOSTER, O killer on VF intact illustrated advertising cover picturing a photo album, for Teeple's New Photograph Gallery. Scarce, desirable, and early example of photography topic. Nice. SOLD

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