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1861-67 Issues, Stamps (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8307 #72, F-VF fresh, sound bottom margin copy with bright color and firm perfs all around canceled by an XF strike of 12 segment leaf fancy killer (likely New York foreign mail, similar to Skinner-Eno PP-L 7, but 2 more leafs). A terrific stamp and cancellation item on scarce high value stamp. $450
8302 #73, fine, large SE at right, canceled by a VF bold red strike of outline 5-point star in circle with central circle (Whitfield 3166), a killer known used on New York City local station mail. Stamp has mild corner bend and few rough perfs bottom right.  Still a great Blackjack fancy cancel. $95
8250 #76, fine, sound, canceled by an XF strike of Prussian blue "[R]EGISTER[ED]" straight line marking of Newport, R.I.  This killer is unlisted in Scott but an example is illustrated in Milgram, UNITED STATES REGISTERED MAIL 1845-1870 (p.87). An exceptionally scarce, eye-appealing auxiliary mark canceling this value stamp. $125
8109 #63, VF, bearing an XF strike of padlock fancy killer (Skinner-Eno PO-Pl 7) of WEST MERIDEN, CT. Stamp has two tiny repairs not detracting from this stamp. An exceptionally scarce fancy cancel on this value of stamp. WOW! $275
8116 #65, fine, sound, canceled by an XF, almost complete strike of WATERBURY, CT star surrounded by hearts fancy killer (Rohloff J-10, RRR rarity; Skinner-Eno ST-E 17). Terrific example of this desirable fancy cancel. Ex Gross. SOLD
8115 #65, fine, canceled by an XF strike of the left-flying ROCKFORD, ILL, "bluebird" fancy killer (Skinner-Eno PA-B 18). The stamp has three nibbed perfs at top but is otherwise sound. A very nice example of this popular fancy cancel. $150
8119 #65, fine, fresh and sound, bearing a superb SOTN strike of 4-petal leaf/flower killer of AUSTINBURG, OHIO (Skinner-Eno PP-Fl 21). A beauty.  Ex Gross. $65
8118 #65, fine, canceled by a VF-XF complete strike of the AMHERST, MA "rose" flower in circle fancy cancel (Skinner-Eno PP-Fl 3), a typical strike impression for this scarce killer. Stamp with single tiny perf tear at bottom.  Ex Gross. $60
7981 #65, VF-XF appearing stamp with VF+ SOTN strike of Westhampton, MA patriotic 5-point star with "UNION" spelled out the star segments (Skinner-Eno ST-C 14), first "N' a bit weak. Stamp with minor vertical bend.  Great looking example of the popular patriotic fancy cancel. $80
7997 #65, VF, tiny perf tear at left, bearing an XF strike of New York City fancy geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-C 95). Eye catching fancy cancel. $40
7847 #65, fine, sound, bearing an XF SOTN strike of fancy 6-point rosette in circle killer of New York City (Whitfield 4353 but with smaller circle). Great eye appeal. $40
7848 #65, fine, tiny corner crease at upper right, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of fancy circular geometric killer of New York City (Skinner-Eno GE-C 107, Whitfield 3705). Great cancellation. $40
7556 #65, 2 fine, sound copies tied on piece by NEW YORK, MAY postmark and a VF-XF strike of waving American flag patriotic fancy killer (Skinner-Eno PT-F 1). This is a rare fancy cancellation used for only a couple of days by the NYC post office. Based upon Philatelic Foundation photographs of certificated covers the day of the month of the offered item may be either a 2 or a 3. The earliest is May 1. (Scan of a May 2 flag cover.)  2020 Philatelic Foundation certificate, "Genuine, but the right stamp with two small tears at top right".  I would call the tears "tiny" and nearly invisible. SOLD
7515 #65, fine, small thin and small corner crease lower left corner, bearing an XF strike of very scarce outline axe fancy killer of Collinsville, CT (Skinner-Eno PO-Wt 6). SOLD
7296 #73, average-fine copy, canceled by a black split solid 6-point star fancy killer in circle, unlisted in major references. Stamp with single short perf at right, otherwise sound. $15
7079 #94, fine horizontal strip of 3, tiny faults and small hinge perf reinforcement, each canceled by F-VF strike of blue stylized shield. Cancel is listed as Whitfield 6365A from Macon, GA, but not in Skinner-Eno.  I have handled a single cover (image) with this cancellation. $35
7021 #65, fine top margin copy with selvage, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of man in hat fancy killer of LYNCHBURG, VA (Skinner-Eno PH-F 27), very scarce, stamp with small corner crease at bottom right. Ex-Boyarsky. SOLD
6995 #65, fine, sound, canceled by a VF-XF strike of "OK" fancy killer of Quincy, MA (Skinner-Eno LC-OK 4). $40
6940 #73, average, sound, bearing an XF strike of a bright blue negative star fancy cancel, most likely a New York City killer. Quite eye-catching. $65


 6899 #68, 10 1861 series Washington, fine, bearing an XF SOTN strike of 5-point star-in-circle killer. Attractive cancel. SOLD
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