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1861-67 Issues, Stamps (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7079 #94, fine horizontal strip of 3, tiny faults and small hinge perf reinforcement, each canceled by F-VF strike of blue stylized shield. Unlisted fancy killer, but I have handled a cover (image) with this cancellation from Macon, GA. $35
7021 #65, fine top margin copy with selvage, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of man in hat fancy killer of LYNCHBURG, VA (Skinner-Eno PH-F 27), very scarce, stamp with small corner crease at bottom right. Ex-Boyarsky. SOLD
7053 #65, three fine copies, small faults, each with a different listed, well struck fancy killer: Skinner-Eno LS-T 18 of Templeton, MA; Skinner-Eno GE-M 13 of Cooperstown, NY; Whitfield 2769 of New York City.  $40
6995 #65, fine, sound, canceled by a VF-XF strike of "OK" fancy killer of Quincy, MA (Skinner-Eno LC-OK 4). $40
6940 #73, average, sound, bearing an XF strike of a bright blue negative star fancy cancel, most likely a New York City killer. Quite eye-catching. $65


 6899 #68, 10 1861 series Washington, fine, bearing an XF SOTN strike of 5-point star-in-circle killer. Attractive cancel. SOLD
6699 #89, fine 10 E grill, horizontally split grill variety, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of negative letter H killer, partial red exchange office postmark. Tiny perf faults. Scarce variety, especially with fancy killer. SOLD
6633 #65, fine, canceled by a VF strike of unusual star in shield killer of Madalin, NY (Skinner-Eno PS-C 9), shield compose of a segmented double outline. SOLD
6632 #65, fine, canceled by an XF strike of solid dark blue star with hollow center of Jersey Shore, PA (Skinner-Eno ST-D 19). Stamp is sound but for a couple nibbed perfs. $15
6525 #94, fine, sound copy, canceled by an XF strike of very scarce HOMER, NY "picture frame" fancy killer (Skinner-Eno GE-S 30). Terrific eye appeal. SOLD
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