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1861-67 Issues, Covers (#2)

Item # Description Price Picture
8326 #65, fine, small perf faults, tied by an XF strike of outline letter "W" (Skinner-Eno LS-W 29), WESTERLY, R.I. MAY 10 double ring postmark on barely reduced small cover neatly opened at right. $30
8314 #65, fine, sound, canceled by a VF+ SOTN strike of fancy patriotic 5-bar shield killer (Skinner-Eno PS-S 15), CAMBRIDGE, MASS., APR 8 postmark on cover, 6 mm reduction at left. Cover is addressed c/o [Brevet] Gen. Henry L. Abbot, a noted military engineer and career U.S. Army officer, who later consulted on the construction of the Panama Canal. $35
8239 #65, fine, sound, just tied by a F-VF strike of fancy fraternal "square and compass" killer (Skinner-Eno FR-M3a 1) with XF CHICOPEE, MASS., OCT 21 postmark on XF intact small cover. Scarce. $30
8175 #65, fine, SE, tied by VF+ strike of blue negative square and compass Masonic fancy cancel (Skinner-Eno FR-M3a 17), BRATTLEBORO, MA, MAY 22 postmark on intact cover, toned and small tear along left edge. $50


8188 #65, fine, creased where corner overlaps edge, canceled by VF+ strike of "camel back" geometric fancy killer (Skinner-Eno GE-M 6a), ALEXANDRIA VA, SEP 7 postmark, on VF intact cover to Baltimore. SOLD
8110 #65, fine, small perf faults, tied by blue split grid killer with VF+ strike of SANDY SPRINGS, MARYLD., 4 Mo 8 Quaker date postmark on clean, small cover barely reduced at right, just cut at upper left. Scarce and attractive Quaker date example. $40
8113 #65, fine, sound, on intact cover postmarked ELMIRA, N.Y., NOV 27, with unusual, bold "JILL" killer unlisted in major references.  Small cover nick at right. $70
8087 #65, fine, circle of wedges killer and ILLAWARA, LA, DEC 31 postmark (DPO East Carroll Parish 1866-1901, R5 scarcity) ties on VF intact mourning cover to NY. Very early use from this scarce northeast Louisiana post office. $45


7898 #65, XF sound stamp, tied by VF strike of fancy wedges killer (Skinner-Eno GE-E 8) and fine UNADILLA, N.Y., JAN 17 (1865) postmark on XF, fresh, intact envelope. Original printed letter from Unadilla Bank for a draft from collection enclosed. $30
7626 #65, fair-fine, tied by VF circular geometric/crossroads fancy killer (unlisted) with VF NEWBURYPORT, MASS, SEP 25 double ring postmark on VF intact lady's cover printed on crosshatched paper. Attractive. $25
7625 #65, F+, few perf faults, tied by an XF strike of diamond grid radial geometric killer (unlisted in Skinner Eno, very similiar to killer 1101, plate 66 in Blake and Davis) with BOSTON, MASS., MAR 2 postmark on unreduced mourning cover, light bend at left, small part of back flap missing, with fancy embossed letter R captioned "FIDES SOLERTIA PAX" ("Faith Skill Peace") in Latin. $25


7681 #94, faults, tied by CHICAGO, IL, DEC 1 postmark on small cover, sent to Constitution, OH, misdirected to Constantine (probably Michigan), partial blue CONSTANTINE postmark and killer, VF blue matching "MISSENT AND FORWARDED" auxiliary mark. $15
7003 #65, fine, sound, tied by a F-VF SOTN strike of large negative floral geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-R 23), STROUDSBURGH, PA, OCT 6 (1863) postmark, on VF intact cover containing the original dated letter. SOLD
6946 #65, VF-XF, tied by a VF+ SOTN strike of New York City fancy geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-C 123), FEB 6, 1864 postmark, on intact cover with small tears at top. $10
6784 #94, fine, tied by an XF strike of negative letter N killer, NEGAUNEE, MICH., JUN 18 postmark on cover, corner damage at lower right. Priced solely on the quality and scarcity of this unlisted fancy letter killer. $15
6614 #65, VF, sound, tied by VF+ strike of scarce CHICAGO SUPPLEMENTARY MAIL, NOV 6, 1865 double ring postmark on VF intact cover. Postmark struck in blackish blue ink.  This Chicago supplementary mail postmark is far scarcer than the other single ring postmark (Skinner-Eno PS-SM 4) typically found in a brighter blue ink. SOLD
6543 #88, fine, single short perf at bottom, tied by an XF strike of fancy open book Masonic killer (Skinner-Eno FR-M5 1),RUTLAND, VT, JUN 7 postmark, on fine cover, inch reduction at left.  A very nice example of this interesting Masonic killer. $100
6501 #63, #65, fine, sound copies tied by blue BALTIMORE, MD postmark on clean cover to Hagerstown. The 1 stamp pays the carrier fee to the post office. Baltimore carrier covers are scarce. Small cover reduction at left. SOLD
6491 #65, fine, XF SOTN small star killer, with WATERTOWN, ?? postmark on small cover to St. Joseph, MO, fine ST. JOSEPH MO ADVERTISED, OCT 4 double circle auxiliary postmark (Whitfield 7223). Scarce marking. $45



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