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1861-67 Issues, Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8332 #65, fine, natural SE at right, light target killer ties to VF cover with VF FORT ABERCROMBIE, D.T. [Dakota Territory] APR 20 postmark addressed to Lieut. J. Byron Fay, Cincinnati OH, part of a known  correspondence from this fort. $125


8313 #65, fine, SE, tied by double ring SLATERSVILLE, R.I. APR 23 postmark with XF SOTN strike of anvil fancy killer (Skinner-Eno PO-Wt 14a) on cover to Westford, VT, 4 mm reduction at right. Scarce fancy cancel. $50
8168 #63, F+, sound, canceled by an XF SOTN strike of incised outline 5-point star fancy cancel (not tied) on small drop letter cover to addressee in North Brookfield, MASS. (The addressee John Q. Adams was apparently a part time inventor. I discovered his 1869 patent for an improvement to sewing machines.) Scarce and pretty. $75
8117 #94, fine, sound SE stamp, canceled by an XF strike of very scarce Waterbury shield killer (Rohloff Q-4, RRR rarity rating, Skinner-Eno PS-O 6) on unreduced, essentially intact cover, MAY 9, 1868 double ring postmark (known dates of use: April 24-May 11), with sealed tears at top (back image). The Crowe census of Waterbury covers lists 11 known examples, including this.  A great opportunity to acquire a cover with classic fancy cancellation from this highly collected town. $400

8123 #65, fine, sound, tied by an XF strike of simplex small numeral 1 in circle killer (Skinner-Eno NS-A 8, Whitfield 6371) on VF intact cover, light HARRISBURG, PA, JAN 28 (1863?) postmark on all over Pennsylvania House of Representatives envelope, signed "Moore H Rep".  Cover flap sealed by wax seal with a clear impression of "House of Rep. PA" and state seal.  Great example of this interesting numeral killer. $80
7938 #65, fine, tied by an XF-superb strike of crossed arrows fancy killer, CAMBRIDGE, N.Y., NOV 16 postmark on fresh cover, 2021 PFCThis is a spectacular, unlisted fancy cancel and the only example that I have been able to locate in literature or auction catalogs.  The cancellation consists of two separate, neatly crossed strikes of a fancy arrow killer, which is apparent when the two individual strikes are photographically displayed side by side.  This possibility is consistent with the fact that the postmark and killer are not duplexed.  This would allow the postmaster to express his artistry by "crossing" his neatly carved arrow killer.  (I wonder if there was anything special about the addressee of this cover that would have induced this special effort.)  It is obviously an early strike.  By its delicate nature, this killer would likely remain intact but a short time.  The cover is reduced 1cm at left with a repaired lower left corner, the stamp with a tiny tear at right.  A rare fancy cancellation for the finest collection. $1500
8034 #65, VF, SE, crease, tied by an XF strike of double circle U.S. SHIP with fleurons postmark on intact cover to Providence, RI. This desirable ship marking is noted to be used out of Philadelphia. Very attractive. SOLD
7905 #94, fine, small perf faults, tied by bold, VF-XF strike of letters "LV" (Skinner-Eno LC-L 7) with LOCKPORT, N.Y., MAR 2 postmark on cover to Perry, NY. Killer represents the initials of postal clerk Leornard Vail. Small, clean reduction at left affects nothing. $125
7908 #65, fine, perf faults at bottom, GOMER, OHIO, Allen Co. postmark (Doane-Thompson 3143) barely ties with straight line GOMER OH town name killer on unreduced cover, a little rough and tear at right. I suspect that the postmaster, noting the weak tie of the postmark, decided to additionally cancel the stamp with the town name marking.  A rare early county name postmark and killer. SOLD
7554 #65, fine, SE with 3 huge margins, tied by an XF strike of US in wreath of 13 negative stars patriotic fancy killer (Skinner-Eno PT-C 17) with ALBANY, N.Y., OCT 9 postmark on VF canary cover, tiny reduction at right affecting nothing. A gem fancy cancel cover. SOLD
7495 #83, fine C grill, target killer, not tied, on fine cover postmarked FORT GIBSON, ARK., FEB 19 (Indian Territory), docketed received FEB 29 (leap day verifying 1868 usage). 2019 PFC ("It is a genuine usage, the stamp with a few short perforations at top and bottom and some toned perforations at left and right.").  Great territorial usage. $500


7389 #65x2, fine, tied by BALTIMORE, MD, DEC 26 (1866) postmark and wedges killers to unreduced small cover to Porto Rico, docketed "Via New York Steamer" and "Care of Messrs. J. V. Onativia & Co., New York", New York City forwarder and sugar importer.  Scarce Caribbean destination. $100


7436 #65, fine, canceled by an XF strike of unlisted cross in crescent fraternal killer, CAMDEN, N.J., JAN 19 postmark on VF intact cover to Rome, NY. $85
7407 #65, fine, bearing a VF-XF strike of fancy axe head cancel (Skinner-Eno PO-Wt 6) with COLLINSVILLE, MAR 18 postmark (ca. 1862) on VF fresh and intact cover to Portland, CT. Beautiful example of this very scarce killer.  Clear 2019 PFC. $600


7397 #65, average, tied by Boston, MA, NOV 14 postmark and quartered cork killer on VF intact Civil War Union patriotic cover featuring a right-facing flag with verse (Weiss F-R-311, Walcott L-22983). Quite attractive. $60
7376 #94, fine, tiny faults, tied by an XF SOTN strike of fancy patriotic shield cancel (Skinner- Eno PS-O 29), RAHWAY, N.J., AUG 1 postmark on intact back-illustrated carriage hubs advertising cover to California. Tiny edge tear at top. $150


7279 #65, fine, sound, tied by a F-VF strike of large blue letter B killer (similar to Skinner-Eno LS-B 7, but larger; Whitfield 5501) with XF matching double ring BRATTLEBORO, VT, AUG 31 postmark on fine cover, 10 mm reduction at right.  A great killer from a popular, collectible town. $45
7243 #65, avg-fine, tied by an XF strike of multi-letter "VT" fancy killer (Skinner-Eno LC-V 3), CHICOPEE, MASS., OCT 1 postmark, on VF lady's cover neatly opened at left. A rare killer from this popular, collectible town. $85
7221 #65, fine, tied by an XF strike of an unusual ringed geometric killer with matching NORFOLK, VA, SEP 3 postmark on fine intact cover. Killer unlisted in Skinner-Eno, stylistically similar to SD-G 116/GE-M 6. Neat. $35
7110 #65, fine, pre-application tear at left, VF CHICOPEE, MASS., SEP 1 postmark, canceled by an XF strike of fancy geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-E 11) on VF embossed corner advertising cover, neatly opened at left.  A very nice example of a fancy cancel from this popular, collectible town. $50


7023 #88 E grill, fine, sound, tied by an inverted XF strike of Eagle and Shield with 3 bars inside (Skinner-Eno PT-E 4) with CORRY, PA, MAY ?? postmark on VF cover to Grand Haven, MI. Cover slightly reduced at left, stamp unaffected.  Ex-Boyarsky. SOLD

6792 #65, fine and sound, bearing a superb SOTN strike of fancy 6 point star around circle killer (Skinner-Eno ST-6P 42), ULSTER, PA, MAY 16 postmark (docketed 1864), on fine cover. (Compare to item 6803.) SOLD
6803 #65, average, tied by an XF-S strike of very scarce CORY, PA solid 8-point star geometric killer with outlined interior wedges (Skinner-Eno ST-8P7) on faulty cover, torn and piece missing at right. Great fancy cancel strike from popular town. (Compare to item 6792.) SOLD

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