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1851-57 Issues, Covers

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1861-67 Issues, Covers

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1861-67 Issues, Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7213 #94, fine, sound, target killer ties to XF intact cover, F-VF ATLANTA To CHATT. R.P.O., APR 2 railroad postmark(Towle & Meyer 357-E-1) to hair/wig dealer C. E. HARTUNG & CO., New York (blue APR 6, 1869 company receiver). Contains original order letter (scan) from Mad. R. W. A. Wilda's Ladies' Hair-Dressing Establishment in same attractive violet ink used to address the cover. $50
7221 #65, fine, tied by an XF strike of an unusual ringed geometric killer with matching NORFOLK, VA, SEP 3 postmark on fine intact cover. Killer unlisted in Skinner-Eno, stylistically similar to SD-G 116/GE-M 6. Neat. $35
7205 #65, F+, sound, tied by a XF strike of red HYDEVILLE, VT, DEC 9 balloon postmark (Rutland County, 1846-) on VF canary cover, slightly reduced at right affecting nothing. A beautiful, choice cover with color cancellation.  Ex-Boyarsky. $125
7110 #65, fine, pre-application tear at left, VF CHICOPEE, MASS., SEP 1 postmark, canceled by an XF strike of fancy geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-E 11) on VF embossed corner advertising cover, neatly opened at left.  A very nice example of a fancy cancel from this popular, collectible town. $50
7155 #73, average, tied by quartered cork killer on small, printed wrapper addressed to Postmaster, Eugenia, Ontario, Canada. Scarce and attractive use of the Blackjack. $95
6790 #64b, F-VF, clear red NEW HAVEN, CT, SEP 14, 1861 double circle postmark, just tied by grid killer on VF, fresh intact cover to Providence, R.I.  Stamp with true Rose Pink color.  2018 PFC , "genuine usage, the stamp with short perforation at top," a call with which I disagree.  A beautiful cover. $100
7023 #88 E grill, fine, sound, tied by an inverted XF strike of Eagle and Shield with 3 bars inside (Skinner-Eno PT-E 4) with CORRY, PA, MAY ?? postmark on VF cover to Grand Haven, MI. Cover slightly reduced at left, stamp unaffected.  Ex-Boyarsky. $325

7022 #94, fine, canceled by VF-XF SOTN strike of "pumpkin face" killer (Skinner-Eno PH-P 11) with PHIL'A, PA., MAR 27 postmark on F-VF cover, very small, neat reduction at left. Ex-Boyarsky. $100
7025 #65, average, tied by bold pinwheel cancel with SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MAY 14 postmark on VF intact cover, manuscript "per Steamer" and XF strike of "Too Late" in oval, mail having missed its intended sailing. Ex-Boyarsky. SOLD
7042 #73, fine, tied by an XF strike of fancy black wedges killer on intact unsealed canary circular envelope to Sandusky, OH. $40
6951 #73, well centered, tiny perf faults, tied by an XF strike of large blue circle of 8 wedges killer (almost certainly of New York City) on intact unsealed canary cover, stamp paying the circular rate. Very attractive Blackjack cover. $85
6890 #65, average, tied by an XF strike of negative letters "DPH" in grid killer (Skinner-Eno LC-D 3) with LEE, MASS, DEC 1866 postmark. Letters represent initials of D. P. Hamlin, Asst. P.M. Scarce postmaster killer.  Cover reduced 3/4 inch at right. SOLD
6910 #65, fair-fine, sound, tied by double circle NEW YORK, JUN 15 postmark and grid killer on XF intact advertising cover with red embossed cameo for Taylor's International Hotel & Saloons. Very attractive cover. $60
6769 #65, fine, tied by an XF bold strike of 3-segment fancy wedge killer, fine double circle BRATTLEBORO, VT, OCT 6, 1863 postmark on VF intact cover. Brattleboro is well known for fancy cancels, this unlisted in Skinner-Eno. Rare. $45
6792 #65, fine and sound, bearing a superb SOTN strike of fancy 6 point star around circle killer (Skinner-Eno ST-6P 42), ULSTER, PA, MAY 16 postmark (docketed 1864), on fine cover. (Compare to item 6803.) $50
6803 #65, average, tied by an XF-S strike of very scarce CORY, PA solid 8-point star geometric killer with outlined interior wedges (Skinner-Eno ST-8P7) on faulty cover, torn and piece missing at right. Great fancy cancel strike from popular town. (Compare to item 6792.) SOLD
7003 #65, fine, sound, tied by a F-VF SOTN strike of large negative floral geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-R 23), STROUDSBURGH, PA, OCT 6 (1863) postmark, on VF intact cover containing the original dated letter. $30


6723 #65, fine, tied on VF intact Federal Mining Company corner cover by New York City geometric (Skinner-Eno GE-C 110) and DEC 15 postmark, to Sandusky, OH, DEC 20, SANDUSKY, O receiver and VF ADVERTISED in lozenge. $25
6946 #65, VF-XF, tied by a VF+ SOTN strike of New York City fancy geometric killer (Skinner-Eno GE-C 123), FEB 6, 1864 postmark, on intact cover with small tears at top. $10
6962 #65, fault at UR, tied by a VF-XF strike of very unusual 7-ring target killer with its 3rd-5th rings removed to create a fancy triple wedge. XF POTTERSVILLE, N.J. postmark, VF intact cover. $30


6784 #94, fine, tied by an XF strike of negative letter N killer, NEGAUNEE, MICH., JUN 18 postmark on cover, corner damage at lower right. Priced solely on the quality and scarcity of this unlisted fancy letter killer. $15
6819 #65 on fine blue/red outlined patriotic cover. The stamp is an obvious accepted reuse, having been cut off another cover and re-attached to this, postmarked WASHINGTON, DC. Unusual, cover with small faults. $15


6661 #65, avg, sound, canceled by a VF-XF strike of large blue floral geometric killer of MONTPELIER, VT, (Skinner-Eno GE-R 31, a much better strike than normally encountered), JUN 29 postmark, unreduced cover, small part lower back flap missing. Ex-Beane. SOLD

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