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1851-57 Issues, Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
7029 #26, SE at left, tied by an XF strike of N.Y. & BOSTON STMB. & R.R.R., MAY 12 postmark on VF intact cover to Stonington, CT, marked "via Westerly, R.I." The postmark represents the New York & Boston Steamboat & Rail Road Route, Remele N11-a, Towle & Meyer 73-C1.  An impressive example of this railroad postmark. $150
7058 #11A, irregular margins, tied to VF intact lady's cover by a VF strike of BROWNVILLE. NY, AUG 15 postmark struck in brown ink, a very scarce, difficult color cancellation. Stamp has 2015 PFC, not for ink color, "genuine usage, the stamp with irregular margins on three sides". $40


7041 #26, scissor separated on 4 sides, tied by partial PHILADELPHIA, PA postmark on XF intact embossed corner advertising cover, Bowman, France & Logan, wholesale grocers. $30
6923 #11A, fine, canceled by fine strike of N. YORK & N. HAVEN R.R., JUN 24 postmark (New York & New Haven Rail Road, Remele N14-a) on fine small lady's cover to Guilford, CT.  Light erasable postmark reference at bottom left. $35
7014 #11, fine, fair Columbia, PA, JAN 16 postmark ties to F-VF intact cover with double circle WASHINGTON CAMP NO. 27 corner, a chapter of the United Sons of America/Patriotic Order Sons of America organization. (Each local chapter was named "Washington Camp" with a number designating the chapter.  See reference.) $30
6949 #26, F-VF, sound, tied by a VF-XF SOTN strike of GALESBURG, MICH., SEP 25 postmark (Kalamazoo County, 1838-, ) on fine canary cover, slightly reduced at right, affecting nothing. This is an 1861 usage according to docketing a late use of 1857 issue and quite eye catching. $15
6731 #11, F-VF+ 4 margin copy, tied by XF strike of TIMMONSVILLE, S.C., APR 28 postmark (Florence County, 1853-) on fine intact cover. A very attractive and very early use from this South Carolina town. SOLD
6768 #26, fine, tied by a superb strike of stylized shield killer with fine BARTONVILLE, VT postmark (DPO Whindam Cty, 1842-1976) on VF cover, small reduction and Manuscript "Paid" at left. Very attractive. $60
6764 #26, fine, just tied by smudge killer on intact cover with a light but completely discernable strike of N. YORK & N. HAVEN R.R., SEP 22, 1860 postmark (Remele N14-c, Towle & Meyer 70-D-3). Scarce railroad. $45


6888 #26, fine, SE, tied by SOTN blue double ring, GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., NOV 2, 1859 year date postmark, a scarce, early example of this style of postmark on a fine cover, neatly opened at left. $25
6873 #26, fine, Boston PAID in grid killer with red BOSTON, Ms, APR 3, 1860 postmark on VF intact advertising cover, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, great map of globe illustration. $40
6862 #26, fine, sound, tied on clean cover front by an XF strike of KEWANEE, ILL., JUN 10 balloon double line circle postmark (Henry County, 1855-). An extremely eye-pleasing cancellation. $10
6794 #11A, fine, tied by VF-XF blue balloon QUEECHY, VT., JUL 18 postmark (DPO Windsor County, 1855-1868, early use) on fine, intact cover. Attractive. $15
6818 #26, fine, sound, canceled by VF strike of PAID in circle killer and red BOSTON, MA, NOV 1859 postmark on clean, intact cover, a few small tears at top. $15


6695 #26, fine, sound, tied by blue waffle grid killer with VF blue balloon PUTNAM, CON., MAY 24 postmark on VF intact cover to Warwick, MA. $20
6617 #11, fine, sound, tied by fine strike of rare PHILADELPHIA, N.Y. fancy oval postmark with manuscript Dec. 4 date (Simpson/Alexander 149, p. 33, rarity 8, Jefferson County 1823-) on clean, essentially intact cover.  Difficult item. $95
6588 #11, VF, sound 4 margin copy, tied by triple-bar New York, OCT 31 postmark on fine, illustrated advertising lettersheet picturing screw wrenches (image), C.C. Spring & Co., Worcester, MA. Scarce and attractive. $95
6574 #26, VF, barely tied by partial HARRISBURG, PA postmark on VF intact newspaper advertising cover for the Daily & Weekly Telegraph, neat blue lettering across the cover top. Attractive. $50
6600 #26, F-VF, sound, double row of perfs at left, canceled by a superb SOTN strike of unusual blue solid circle with matching balloon SPRINGFIELD, O. postmark on fine, intact cover.  Quite eye catching. $65
6551 #7, F-VF+, tied by XF strike of blue UTICA, N.Y. fancy double oval APR 6 postmark on VF printed letter sheet (image). 1988 PFC mentions tone spots (2 very minor) and tear at BL (2mm sealed).  Extremely eye appealing cover. SOLD
6560 #24, F-VF, sound right margin copy displaying side scratch marks in both right and left margins, MARIETTA, GEO., NOV 15 postmark ties to XF, intact small lady's cover, embossed flap. Very attractive drop rate cover. $40

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