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1851-57 Issues, Covers (#1)

Item # Description Price Picture
8145 #11A, fine, all frame lines intact, sound, this being the major cracked plate variety (pos. 84L5L) on partial FLS (2 sheets missing), toned at bottom left away from the adhesive.  Stamp is tied by HAGERSTOWN, IND., JUN 20 postmark (Wayne County 1836-). Very scarce use of this plate variety on cover, Scott $160 off cover. $125


8094 #11, VF 4 margin copy, sound, tied by VF "STEAM" steamboat killer on VF FLS datelined New Orleans, LA, APR 26, 1856 to Baton Rouge. Choice marking example. $60
7991 #11A, 2 fine copies, tied by blue PORTLAND, ME., OCT 4 postmark on unreduced, essentially intact cover to New York City. Cover back with illustration (vertical image) of building for H.H. HAY, APOTHECARY & DRUGGIST. Great early medical/pharmacist advertising. $50

7734 #11A, dull red, scissor cut, tied by clear strike of Regular Packet Steamer Texas red oval (Milgram 1360; Mississippi and Red Rivers, ca. 1851) on VF 1853 external FLS, no content, internally docketed 1853, part of the Carroll Hoy correspondence cover to New Orleans.  Light horizontal fold.  Very scarce marking typically not on adhesive.  Ex-Milgram, Hugh Feldman. $550


7726 #26, F+, sound, tied by simplex 9-bar open grid killer with VF double circle TROY, N.Y., MAY 30 (1861) postmark on VF intact patriotic envelope with large, long pole right-facing flag without verse (Weiss F-R 276). Pretty cover. $85
7561 #11A, average, tied by VF+ strike of STEAM straight line killer with light, red NEW ORLEANS, LA postmark on intact cover to New Orleans, manuscript "Stmr Collier" at lower left, probably Mississippi River steamer "GEO. COLLIER", a scarce steamboat (Milgram 508, vessel named marking pictured p.299).  Cover part of the Buchanan, Carrol correspondence. $40


8171 #26, VF, sound, scarce variety with both left and right frame lines doubled, tied on VF intact cover by fanciful 5-loop manuscript killer that almost looks phallic, VF red JAMAICA, N.Y., 17 JAN postmark (Queens County 1794-), 1859 docketing. Original content.  Pretty. $25
7565 #26, F-VF, sound, tied by ALBION, MI., JAN 21 postmark on VF intact cover to Pine Creek, MI. Cover illustrated at left by picture of the campus of ALBION COLLEGE. An attractive college cover. $50
7409 #26, fine, perf faults at top, bearing an XF SOTN strike of very scarce wavy grid hand-carved killer (Simpson's 44, p. 131) and red SCOTLAND, CT postmark on VF cover, neatly opened at right. Neat small 1857 fancy cancel cover. SOLD
7340 #26 variety, quadruple plate flaw, position 18L28, fine, sound, tied by light grid killer with ALBANY, N.Y., AUG 21, 1860 postmark on XF, fresh and intact cover (torn back flap). Exceedingly rare, Scott catalog for the stamp itself is $2000. No cover listed. $1000



#11A, fine, tied by blue BALTIMORE, MD, JUL 1 postmark with XF blue STEAMBOAT incoming mail hand stamp on VF intact cover to Washington, D.C. Very attractive. SOLD
6923 #11A, fine, canceled by fine strike of N. YORK & N. HAVEN R.R., JUN 24 postmark (New York & New Haven Rail Road, Remele N14-a) on fine small lady's cover to Guilford, CT.  Light erasable postmark reference at bottom left. $35


6949 #26, F-VF, sound, tied by a VF-XF SOTN strike of GALESBURG, MICH., SEP 25 postmark (Kalamazoo County, 1838-, ) on fine canary cover, slightly reduced at right, affecting nothing. This is an 1861 usage according to docketing a late use of 1857 issue and quite eye catching. $15
6764 #26, fine, just tied by smudge killer on intact cover with a light but completely discernible strike of N. YORK & N. HAVEN R.R., SEP 22, 1860 postmark (Remele N14-c, Towle & Meyer 70-D-3). Scarce railroad. $45


6617 #11, fine, sound, tied by fine strike of rare PHILADELPHIA, N.Y. fancy oval postmark with manuscript Dec. 4 date (Simpson/Alexander 149, p. 33, rarity 8, Jefferson County 1823-) on clean, essentially intact cover.  Difficult item. $95
6588 #11, VF, sound 4 margin copy, tied by triple-bar New York, OCT 31 postmark on fine, illustrated advertising lettersheet picturing screw wrenches (image), C.C. Spring & Co., Worcester, MA. Scarce and attractive. $95
6551 #7, F-VF+, tied by XF strike of blue UTICA, N.Y. fancy double oval APR 6 postmark on VF printed letter sheet (image). 1988 PFC mentions tone spots (2 very minor) and tear at BL (2mm sealed).  Extremely eye appealing cover. SOLD

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