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New York City Cancellations On Circulars and Printed Matter, 1870-1878 - Parts I, II and III

Post Discovery Notes

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Page 13 of Part III pictures in Figure 22 a wrapper to Holland canceled by a killer whose tracing I provide as Tracing 5 on the same page (replicated below).  When I was preparing this article I wrestled with the accuracy of this tracing.  As may be noted from the scan, the bottom left portion of each strikes on the wrapper is rather weak and indefinite.

Subsequent to publication of the article I acquired a domestic New York City circular with this same ringed cancel.  The strike on this cover, although not great, was better.  I could now confirm that my original tracing was inaccurate.  Instead of five segments there were only four.  That is, the design within the circle instead is like a large Maltese cross.  A more accurate representation would connect the bottom  and bottom left segments into a single segment.  Moreover, this later addition to my collection importantly confirmed another joint domestic and foreign use of the same NYCM killer.  Unfortunately, I apparently never made a photocopy of the domestic circular.  My records describe it as a Scott #156 on illustrated Beach, Son & Co. Bulb Merchant & Florist corner advertising cover with a four wedge pinwheel in circle Maltese X killer.

Additional Discoveries

Not long after publication of article Parts I-III, I acquired two covers that add to the story of foreign destination usages of NYCM killers.  Unfortunately, I failed to capture images of either cover when part of my collection.